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Ontology Working Group Plan

  • Timespan increment: six months
  • Defines objective and scope of working group
  • Applies To: activity ontology working group
  • Goal: enabling knowledge reuse within model development
  • Success Criteria: work product that are illustrative and useful in model development and avoids impeding MBSE adoption ( a characteristic of many ontology activities)
  • Role In: deployment and adoption of MBSE
  • Tasks:
    • Maintain wiki
    • Defines scope of working group
    • Defines taxonomy of ontologies needed for SE
    • Develops criteria for representing & using an ontology within SysML
    • Develop use case of system model that uses library of ontologies
    • Translate model into OWL2 and do reasoning experiment
    • Outreach, e.g., webinars, etc.
    • Define anticipated ontology benefits (and costs)
    • Define/prioritize ontology issues
    • Develop plan to address high priority issues
    • Identify potential collaborations with other INCOSE WG, Chapters, etc.
    • Identify potential collaborations with other related efforts (e.g. professional societies/standards group, academia, industry)
    • Is Component Plan Of: INCOSE MBSE initiative
    • is Input To: Standards for model development
    • Has Outputs: deliverables above and maintenance of wiki
    • requires Inputs: legacy ontology work, relevant related work
    • requires Resources: wiki resource support, funding and personnel for some of the tasks above
    • Responsibilities: OWG team
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