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Tool Vendors - INCOSE MBSE initiative encourages tool developer participation and collaboration in the MBSE effort. Collaboration can take many forms such as participating in a usability study, providing tool licenses for challenge teams, or providing presentations to advance the state MBSE. Tool Vendors can use this site to provide tool support to INCOSE MBSE Teams, and MBSE Teams can use this site to identify their tool needs.

Please note that OMG and INCOSE do not endorse or promote any specific vendor. This is a simple forum to connect challenge teams and activity teams together with vendors for specific projects. All vendors can offer services. Any working group can ask for support or help.

Help is available on how to edit and setup new pages for this WIKI on the [MBSE WIKI Help page]

Tool Vendor Contact Information

Tool vendors are invited to share their contact information. MBSE projects can use this contact information to ask questions.

CompanyContact NameContact Information
3SLMark Walker[email protected]
IBM Rational Barclay Brown [email protected] / [email protected]
ModeliosoftPhilippe Desfray[email protected]
No Magic, Inc.Jason Wilson [email protected]
OPCAT SystemsChen Linchevski [email protected]
PTCHedley Apperly / Matthew Hause[email protected] / [email protected]

Tool Vendor Opportunities

Tool vendors are invited to share offers to MBSE teams. Please describe what the offer is and how to sign up for the offer.

CompanyTool NameOpportunity
3SLAll Cradle modulesAll modules from our Cradle environment are available FREE for use in the INCOSE MBSE Initiative. To register, contact 3SL using the e-mail address above.
IBM Rational All IBM Rational tools including Rhapsody, System Architect, Software Architect All IBM Rational software (and most software from other IBM Brands are available FREE for use in the INCOSE MBSE Initiative. To register, use the Instructions for Registering found on INCOSE Connect.
ModeliosoftModelio modeler and all its modulesAll Modeliosoft software is available FREE for use in the INCOSE MBSE Initiative and similar academic pursuits. To register, for academic participants use the academic licence procedure (; for industrial partners, contact [email protected].
No Magic, IncAll No Magic Tools including MagicDraw and Cameo Suite All No Magic software (and most software from other No Magic Partners is available FREE for use in the INCOSE MBSE Initiative and similar academic pursuits. To register, use the Instructions for Registering found on the No Magic website.
OPCAT SystemsOPCAT Studio and access to OPCAT ServerDownload OPCAT Studio and gain access to OPCAT Server for FREE for use in the INCOSE MBSE Initiative and similar academic pursuits. To register, please contact:
PTCAll PTC MBSE tools including PTC Integrity ModelerPTCis committed to furthering the discipline of systems engineering and its related best practices.To this end, PTC provides Tutorials, PTC Integrity Modler Ttol licenses as well as many additional materials. (

INCOSE MBSE Team Tool Needs

MBSE teams are invited to share tool needs. Vendors can view these needs and offer solution to the MBSE teams.

Team NameTeam Contact PersonNeed from tool vendor

Active Participation

MBSE teams are asked to share which tool and/or method they are using on their projects. New MBSE teams with similar needs can use this information to share results, ask questions, and offer or provide help.

INCOSE Group NameTool NameVendor Name

Collaborative Modeling Environment Approaches

Goal: Provide a collaborative modeling environment that facilitates initial setup of a modeling team, addition of new members, on-going collaboration among team members, and sharing results with the broader MBSE community.

Trade Study Results

MBSE Model Share Trade Study Results (DOCX format)

Notes that need to be added to the trade study document: Solution 6 - Google Drive

  • ADD - Open google drive in your favorite web browser. Drag a model to Google drive from your file system to upload. Change the share permissions to share the file with anybody that has the link. Change the permissions so other people can edit the file. Add the link to your WIKI page. (See below)
  • MODIFY - There is no way to edit the document directly. View the wiki page to make sure no other users are editing the model. To notify other users that you are editing the model, add a note to the wiki page. In google drive, right click on the file and select download. Make changes. Re-upload the file to google drive. Change the note on the wiki page to indicate that you are done editing.
  • Google Drive Example ====Share Licenses==== Solution 1 - Bjorn has a Web Faction linux server with an open port. He is willing to use his server to test the No-Magic licenses. Solution 2** - Contact Ryan Mortimer. Can we have access to and INCOSE server to host the licenses? Sent e-mail on Nov 19. I sent an additional request on Dec 17.

There is a new page describing how to collaborate with your team members on a common model.

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