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MBSE Patterns WG Participation in INCOSE IW 2023, Torrance, CA Jan 28-31, 2023

General Patterns WG meeting is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, Jan 29, to be hybrid on-site and electronic. Detailed meeting agenda and materials for that (Sunday, Jan 29) meeting:


Patterns WG report in MBSE Workshop Round Robin session, Saturday, Jan 28:


Support for FuSE Vision 2035 Implementation Project–Applications Session on Innovation Sunday morning, Jan 29:


Joint activity with Decision Analysis WG during their meeting of Monday, 1/30:

discussion_and_references_--_decision_analysis_patterns_v1.5.5.pdf discussion_and_references_--_decision_analysis_patterns_atts_1_2_3_v1.6.1.pdf

New reports and publications:

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