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SMSWG Meeting #9 (2016-05-26)

Meeting #9 of the NAFEMS-INCOSE Systems Modeling & Simulation Working Group (SMSWG) was held May 26, 2015 from 11:30-1:30 EDT, as an online meeting.

Following is a summary of this meeting:

PresenterPresentation Link
Frank Popielas (SMSWG Chair) SMSWG Meeting
Yves Baudier (Chairman of the SSG for the ASD Industries Association of Europe) Through Life Cycle Interoperability and Multidisciplinary Simulation

Frank Popielas began the meeting with a review of the agenda and recent and upcoming activities of the SMSWG, including an overview of papers and presentations of interest at the NAFEMS World Congress June 21-24, 2015 in San Diego, CA.

The rest of this meeting was dedicated to a presentation by Yves Baudier, Chairman of the Strategic Standardisation Group of the AeroSpace & Defence Industries Association of Europe.

More detailed minutes are available on the SMSWG Collaborative Community, including a recording of the meeting discussions (Google Sites member access required).

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