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SMSWG Meeting #10 (2015-10-26)

Meeting #10 of the NAFEMS-INCOSE Systems Modeling & Simulation Working Group (SMSWG) was held October 26, 2015 from 11:30-1:30 EDT as an online meeting.

Following is a summary of this meeting:

PresenterPresentation Link
Frank Popielas (SMSWG Chair) SMSWG Meeting

Frank Popielas gave a status update and review of recent and upcoming activities of the SMSWG. Two upcoming products of the SMSWG are Terms & Definitions and an FMI White Paper. A draft of the Terms & Definitions has been published to the SMSWG Files section on the SMSWG Collaborative Community. A first draft of a “What is Systems Modeling & Simulation?” flyer (following the format of other NAFEMS information flyers) has been prepared for review and feedback, with an aim to publish a final version before the end of 2015.

More detailed minutes are available on the SMSWG Collaborative Community, including a recording of the meeting discussions (Google Sites member access required).

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