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SMSWG Meeting #13 (2016-03-29)

Meeting #13 of the NAFEMS-INCOSE Systems Modeling & Simulation Working Group (SMSWG) was held March 29, 2016 from 11:30-1:15 EDT as an online meeting.

Agenda distributed with meeting notice:

  • Follow up from IW’16
  • General discussion on standards in our space
    • Follow the roadmap idea
    • What standards do we know?
      • Start developing the list
      • Why are they important to us?
  • Modeling & Simulation requirements – how do we bring the areas together

Following is a summary of this meeting:

PresenterPresentation Link
Frank Popielas (SMSWG Chair) Emerging Standards - Discussion
Roger Burkhart (SMSWG Steering Committee) Emerging Standards - Additional Topics

Frank Popielas reviewed the agenda and opened discussion of the recent meeting held at the INCOSE International Workshop. He then opened up discussion on emerging standards (first slide deck). After an initial period of discussion, Roger Burkhart presented additional topics on emerging standards (second slide deck). Matt Ladzinski and others closed the meeting with a review of upcoming events.

More detailed minutes are available on the SMSWG Collaborative Community, including a recording of the meeting discussions (Google Sites member access required).

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