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SMSWG Meeting #24 (2018-12-11)

Meeting #24 of the NAFEMS-INCOSE Systems Modeling & Simulation Working Group (SMSWG) will be held Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 11:00 AM EDT as an online meeting.

We will be having an abbreviated meeting to keep everyone up-to-date on upcoming meetings and new infrastructure being set up for our new working subteams.

This is expected to be our only members meeting prior to a 3-hour face-to-face meeting we’re organizing again this year at the INCOSE International Workshop ( We’ve scheduled this meeting for 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST on Monday, January 28 at the workshop hotel in Torrance, CA. Remote attendance via WebEx will also be supported.

We are also beginning to plan participation for SMSWG at the NAFEMS World Congress 2019 (, being held June 17-20 in Quebec City, Canada.

Agenda for meeting:

1. Highlights of upcoming meetings.

2. Publication schedule for flyer on What is Systems Modeling and Simulation? (Current draft available here.)

3. New communications infrastructure for SMSWG working subteams.

  • Google Groups for archived email discussions
  • Google Drives for sharing of working documents

4. Updates from SMSWG working subteams.

  • SMSWG Roadmap (Frank Popielas)
  • Terms and Definitions (Ed Ladzinski)
  • Standards Ecosystem (Don Tolle)

5. Any other business.

More detailed minutes will be available on the SMSWG Collaborative Community, including a recording of the meeting. (SMSWG member access required. Request membership using the request form on the NAFEMS SMSWG page.)

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