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INCOSE System of Systems (SoS) Working Group Wiki Page

SoS WG Chairs

  • Alan Harding (chair)
  • Judith Dahmann (co-chair)

SoS WG INCOSE Connect Address

  • TBD


  • TBD


  • Understand and share what we mean by SoS in our various contexts
  • Develop guidance and advice
  • Inform and up-skill practitioners
  • Exert influence on BKCASE, Standards, SE Vision 2025 etc.
  • Develop the practice of SE for SoS.
  • Work in partnership with other groups addressing aspects of SoS (e.g. INCOSE WGs, IEEE, NDIA).
  • Understanding and applying insights from relevant research

PLanned Work

  • BKCASE: Contribute to development and support of SoS Section
  • SoS Bibliography: Develop and share
  • SoS ‘Pain Points’: Identify key SoS challenges to guide WG activities
  • Related organization: identify and develop relationships (inside and outside INCOSE)
  • Webinars: Program to share SoS activities and experiences
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