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Modeling Standards


Key goals of the Modeling Standards MBSE Activity include:

  • Maintain a taxonomy and roadmap of modeling standards of importance for MBSE.
  • Identify gaps in the roadmap which still need to be filled by new standards development projects.
  • Work with the INCOSE Standards Initiative to maintain liaisons and agreements with organizations that develop standards within the taxonomy and roadmap.
  • Serve as a voice of the Systems Engineering user community to provide requirements to new modeling standards and to evaluate them during their development process.
  • Encourage cross participation, communications, and collaboration across the MBSE community and standards development organizations and projects.

Measure of Success

The INCOSE MBSE Initiative serves as the voice of MBSE user community to standards development organizations that develop standards for modeling languages and frameworks, mappings and integration of content across these frameworks, and libraries of standard content for reuse across application domains.

Topic Overview / Description

Taxonomy of modeling standards. Following are some initial, but incomplete, classifications for modeling standards:

  • modeling languages, frameworks, and information models, such as SysML and AP233
  • mappings between languages, such as the AP233-SysML mapping and the SysML-Modelica Transformation
  • domain-specific libraries, models, and data, such as standard units, mechanical libraries, and diagrams

Roadmap of modeling standards of importance for MBSE:

  • modeling standards already being developed under formal liaison between INCOSE and other organizations, such as SysML (OMG) and AP233 (ISO TC184/SC4 STEP)
  • modeling standards being developed by other organizations for which INCOSE liaison does not currently exist
  • directory and timeline of modeling standards currently being developed or maintained, including versions and expected dates
  • gaps in coverage of modeling standards that need to be filled by new standards development activities

For a starting taxonomy of model types and a catalog of modeling standards of importance for MBSE, please see the
Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) Types of Models Page and the
Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) Modeling Standards Page.

Schedule and Work Plan

Target DateMilestoneStatusPoint of Contact
TBDModeling Standards Taxonomy and RoadmapStartedRoger Burkhart
TBDSysML-AP233 MappingStartedPhil Spiby

Following are past presentations at the INCOSE 2011 and 2012 MBSE Workshops:

2011-01-30 Modeling Standards Day 1 Presentation Roger Burkhart
2011-01-31 Modeling Standards Day 2 Breakout Presentation Roger Burkhart
2012-01-21 Modeling Standards Day 1 Presentation Roger Burkhart

In his INCOSE 2012 MBSE Workshop Presentation above, Roger Burkhart proposed that the Modeling Standards taxonomy and roadmap might fit within a larger taxonomy and roadmap of modeling solutions and practices, including types of models, modeling languages and frameworks, libraries and reference data, services and capabilities (such as model management, transformation, etc.), methodologies, best practices, guidelines, etc.

In the 2012 presentation above, this was called a Modeling Solutions Architecture, but it might also be called a Model-Based Engineering (MBE) Adoption Architecture, or other label to be defined. It would define a kind of Enteprise Architecture framework for any organization to establish a roadmap of available resources and solutions to phase in and phase out over time, in support of their MBSE and larger MBE initiatives. Existing modeling standards as well as active standards developments projects are just a thin slice of the commercially available as well as purely local solutions that any organization needs to plug into the slots of a generic architecture.

Team Members

NameOrganizationContact Information
Roger Burkhart John Deere
Sandy Friedenthal
Matthew Hause Atego
Henson Graves
Robert Karban
Phil Spiby Eurostep
Rick Steiner Raytheon

Wiki Articles

Once filled in, this section will provide a catalog of modeling standards projects, organizations, and classifications, by which the Taxonomy and Roadmap of MBSE Modeling Standards can be maintained in an online form. Each project will be invited to maintain its own detailed reference information.

Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK)


The Modeling Standards group of the MBSE Initiative will continue the key coordination roles of the original Model Driven System Design Working Group (MDSD WG) with external standards development groups that focus on providing coverage for model-driven methods. MDSD was responsible for establishing liaisons and formal Memoranda of Understanding with both OMG and ISO TC184/SC4 for the development efforts that led to SysML and ISO STEP AP233. With the transition of the MBSE Initiative to part of the INCOSE Technology Operations organization, the previous work of MDSD is being moved to this MBSE Activity.



AP233 Status

The current status of AP233 is that it is being prepared for publication by ISO. A presentation covering this and some recent pilot projects was given at the MDSD WG meeting at the 2010 INCOSE IS and provided here.

An INCOSE webinar on “AP233 Systems Engineering Overview” was presented on August 18, 2010. An archive of the webinar is available from the INCOSE webinar event page.

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