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Agenda for Joint Challenge Team session:

<This agenda is in draft form>

Morining Session: “Model Scaling Issues”

We would like to winnow down the potential topics for further action by the Challenge Team that have arisen through recent experiences in both the Space Systems and Telescope Challenge Teams as their models become larger and more mature. The common thread is that of handling scale.

Potential topics:

  • Finding common issues to develop standard approaches for (e.g. moving between multiple local reference frames)
  • Issues of evolution: merging, branching, configuration control, etc.
  • Variant modeling
  • Property propagation (e.g., everything shall be painted black)
  • Version tracking of interchanges - that is, what version of the system model was used in what version of the analysis model that created the value currently in the system model.
  • Zooming between levels of detail
  • Defining a navigation scheme for large models

The afternoon session aims to focus on specific STK / SysML integration issues. For example:

  • A truly standard way to define a reference frame within SysML
  • Any markup on typical models that is missing that appears to be required to populate STK
  • What about time? Do we need it to truly interface Scenarios to STK? What might we need?
  • Advertising STK's analysis service to SysML with available handles to connect with

* Importing STK Scenarios and trajectories into the SysML model

We may knock down one, maybe two of the above STK / SysML issues in the hour, so we will have to choose.

Discussion minutes:


Resulting actions:


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