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Weilkiens Systems Modeling Process (SYSMOD)


  • User-oriented approach for requirements engineering and system architectures
  • Allows different levels of modeling intensities
  • Guidelines and examples provided for each process activity
  • Includes following activities:
    • Identify stakeholder
    • Elicit requirements
    • Define system context
    • Analyze requirements, e.g. with use cases
    • Define domain model
    • Define system architecture on different levels (functional, logical, physical)
  • Provides additional activities, e.g., for functional architectures or variant modeling
  • Tool vendor independent methodology

Tool Support

  • A free SYSMOD profile for use with the MagicDraw SysML Plugin that provides SYSMOD stereotypes, icons, and diagrams


  • SYSMOD training and coaching provided by consultancy - oose
  • Available in English and in German


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