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  • Robert Karban
  • Michele Zamparelli
  • Gianluca Chiozzi
  • Andrius Armonas
  • Gerard le Roux
  • Wim Pessemier (Mercator telescope)
  • Francisco Delgado
  • Brian Selvy
  • Daniel Hayden
  • Jose M. Filgueira
  • Solange Ramirez
  • Gelys Trancho
  • Rebecca Bernstein
  • Brian Walls
  • Corry Taljaard
  • Adam Contos
  • Jose Lorenzo Alvarez
  • Mike MacIntosh
  • Dainius Jakis
  • Peter Young
  • Richard Prestage
  • Mark Whitehead
  • Fatima de Frondat
  • Chuck Claver
  • Marco Riva

Could not attend but to be included in mailing list:

  • Marco Caiazzo
  • Gengis K. Toledo-Ramirez GENGIS.TOLEDO@CIDESI.MX (6.5m Mexican telescope)

Telescope Projects: 8

Participants: 24


  1. Model Based Environment (software infrastructure) to support construction, management, communication, and analysis (system) models, e.g. document generation, VnV using models, branching/merging
  2. Methodology, e.g. how to construct and maintain more efficiently models
  3. Scope and Purpose of different modeling efforts in our organizations
  4. Different kind of analysis e.g. duration, mass, power, behavior, requirements verification, FMECA
  5. Tooling issues, performance issues,
  6. Integrated models, co-simulation, co-solvers
  7. Multi-site models


Morning Session

Introduction around the room.

  • Robert K

(JPL 50% MBSE environment, SE lead JPL mission Eng environment; 50% projects side, Europa project, TMT APS; NASA SYSML RTF, SYSML 2.0; IMCE MBEE - Ontology driven); SysML includes specification of Systems Modeling Environment; OMG WG on reliability analysis; Model validation client vs server side

  • Michele Z. (ESO, REQ for software development, modeling infrastructure, Interesting in MBSE activities on optical and radio telescope, description models with specific models tools (MATLAB..etc), FMEA ); Model based document generation (plugin to MD). Difficult to make them “perfect” with available resources. User want them “perfect” to be accepted;Fault Analysis; activity in MBSE in other organizations? how to convince management? examples? integrate SysML with domain specific tools? how? validate models? FTA, FMECA?
  • Brian W. (Gemini, MBSE from GMTO working with Josema); what do others do?
  • Andrius A. (No magic, PM new product like collaborator, Database of product models, Reliability and Safety Analysis); Magic Draw product manager; create database of open source models;
  • Gerhard Le Roux (SKA, communication between multiple partners, communication with stakeholder and produce information available); globally distributed SE team, single source of truth, sync across teams, validate models live of offline?
  • Wim Pessemier (Industrial engineer, Mercator Telescope 1.2m, Use SYSML, UML, enterprise architect, ONTOLOGY, SPARQL—> Web base documentation, Poster tomorrow, happy to share ONTOLOGY);

OWL, RDF, textual DSL, triple store, generate web based documentation, tools used by others?

  • Rebecca Bernstein (Project Scientist GMT, Requirements)
  • Richard Prestage (NRAO, Project Scientist 30 years in radio, Uses cases and ICD, formalism to prevent out of date); improve workflow, how to infuse MBSE
  • Corry T. (SKA using several Standards in FMECA and Maintenance Plan, SQDatabase, for reliability and availability, Simulation of the entire scenario, RAMLOCK); simulation language, discrete event simulation, feddback system into database of components in production. MBSE → roll-up of parameters to be aggregated and managed over life time, configuration managnent
  • Francisco Delgado (LSST, TCS and OCS in Sysml, Scheduler and Observatory); feasibility of science, validation of telescope design, model of observatory control system, gap analysis, find orphaned requirements/components, requirements management → Doors? Sync, single tool?
  • Jose L. A. (ESA, PSE for UCLIDE, SE standardization and definition, ESA ontology, mission level up to contractors with industries, lesson and learns); representative of science division, EUCLID 25 models across consortium, 3-4 at ESA, basic infrastructure, handbook, management of requirements, VnV, works all very well, many individual contractors, specify deliverables, how to exchange information → ECSS-E-TM-IO-252/256 standard
  • Mike M. (UK ATC, SYSML using for a couple of years, new project , used so far SKA); ATC tools set up, 5 people, define best way to use tools, setup of framework, infrastructure for all projects
  • Brian S. (REQ and ICDs, document, Part of OMGs group); OMG rep for AURA, verification plan, extended SysML for verification, integration of domain tools
  • Daniel Hayden(SKA, CAMeo and several different tools ); Cameo, Core, Interslate, system model for low/mid telescope, interchange via documents on confluence
  • Josema F. (GMTO, System architecture, Software lead —> MBSE mission, System and Subsystem, Trades—>
  • Solange R. (IPAC/Caltech, Archival data, Space missions, Deputy task lead)

Afternoon session


Discussion around following topics

  • Which tools is being used: Majority for MD, LSST, Mercator using EA.
  • OSLC vs ESA's ECSS-E-TM-10-25C for tool interoperability (Jose Lorenzo);(LCSS-E-TM-10-25C space mission in europe—> define how to exchange models —XML profile, STEP file)
  • Ontologies: Not much resonance
  • Could there be some amount of sharing of the work which we are doing of modelling for astronomy?
  • Could a SysML tool in theory suffice for managing requirements?
  • When to use instances (briefly touched)
  • Semantic web (briefly touched)

Action Items

  1. Create google group - Richard Prestage
  2. Contribute to OpenMBEE ( models and code - All
  3. Provide information on Mercator telescope - Wim Pessemier
  4. Provide link to OMG reliabilty group - Andrius Armonas
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