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DEIX Topical Encyclopedia Entries

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Authoritative Source of Truth

Curating Digital Artifacts

Digital Artifact: A digital artifact is any combination of professional data, information, knowledge, and wisdom (DIKW) expressed in digital form and exchanged within a digital ecosystem. (Click for more information)

Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering Ecosystem

Digital Engineering Transformation

Digital Systems Model

Digital Thread: Digital connections between historical and cross-discipline engineering data that seamlessly expedites the controlled interplay of digital artifacts, based on the Digital System Model template, to inform decision makers throughout a system's life cycle.(Click for more Information)

Digital Twin

Digital View: A digital view is a visual presentation on an electronic display device of one or more processed digital artifacts, enabling the consumption of digital artifact content according to stakeholders’ unique activities at any phase or step in the system life cycle (Click for more information)

Digital Viewpoint: A design of a digital view that uses conventions, formalisms and standards to define the systematic procedures to select, compile, layout, and present digital artifacts in a digital ecosystem such that is meets stakeholders’ unique needs. (Click for more information)

End-to-End Digital Engineering Enterprise

Model Based Engineering

Providence of Digital Artifacts

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