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MBSE Wiki Development


The purpose of the MBSE-WIKI working group is to develop a MBSE-WIKI to share and promote the best systems engineering practices organized around people, process, and tools. The MBSE-WIKI working group was created as part of the February 2010 INCOSE working group.

Measure of Success

July 2010 Update The MBSE Wiki development is successful when they accomplish the following:

  1. Completed template for INCOSE challenge teams, and the INCOSE activity groups.
  2. MBSE Wiki is populated with INCOSE challenge teams, and the INCOSE activity groups information and deliverables.
  3. Wiki editing training materials delivered to teams.


DateMilestoneStatusPoint of Contact
Date TBDSelect WIKI technologyNot StartedPerson TBD
Date TBDCreate WIKI organization structureNot StartedPerson TBD
Date TBDCreate WIKI standardsNot StartedPerson TBD

Team Members

NameOrganizationContact Info
David Lempia Rockwell Collins or
Wanda Carswell
Hans Peter De KoningESA
Robert ReedGE
Dick Staiert
John SnoderlyDAU
J. S. JenkinsNASA
Art PysterStevens

Documents and mailing lists are maintained in Google Groups mbse-wiki. You will need a gmail username and password to be added to the group.

Wiki Articles


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