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Requirements - Use Cases and Scenarios - Notes on Architecture, etc

Auto-View Generation Working Group

  • Need
    Capability to generate views of the modeling information based on specified viewpoints. These views may include presentation of the information in multiple formats such as diagrams, tables, and entire documents.
  • Goals
    Establish a standardized approach for generating views from the models leveraging current practices where practical. The intent is to enable SysML tool vendors to support view generation in a more standard way.
  • Objectives
    Define the changes needed to SysML to enable automated document and view generation from a SysML model and related external artifacts based primarily on refinements to the view and viewpoint concepts in SysML.
  • Background
    This Working Group was formed as a follow-up action to the SE DSIG meeting on June 18, 2012 in Cambridge. Several individuals presented and demonstrated practices for view generation from the model that are now in common use. Refer to the meeting minutes and presentations in the Working Area below. The complete set of presentations are available from the Cambridge SE DSIG meeting page.

About this wiki

The working group began as part of the SysML 1.4 Revision Task Force (RTF), but this site is being maintained under the OMG SysML™ Project Portal. This enables additional participants, and also provides visibility to activities outside the scope of this RTF.

The Working Group Leader is Chris Delp. You can write to Chris at


The approach of this working group is to broadly identify requirements and potential solutions for view generation from SysML models that includes:

  • Identify those changes within the scope of the SysML v1.4 RTF and those that are out of scope of the SysML v1.4 RTF.
  • For changes that exceed the scope and constraints of what can be done in the SysML v1.4 RTF, identify broader stakeholder participation to develop a roadmap on how to move forward with the changes outside of this RTF.


Expected deliverables from this Working Group:

  1. Issue identification (identify existing and/or file a new SysML issue for autogeneration of documents and views)
  2. Requirements for auto-generation of documents and views (can be a simple list of requirements)
  3. Summary of current solutions to this problem (refer to SE DSIG on June 19, 2012 as a starting point and add as required)
  4. Proposed solution to the above issue (this should include actual specification changes including new stereotypes, model libraries, and examples)
  5. Prototype application of this solution to auto-generate the SysML v1.4 specification

In addition, we may capture some elements in a model on the INCOSE MD Teamwork server.

Work in progress (on this wiki) includes Requirements, Use Cases and Scenarios, and Notes on Architecture, etc.

Working Area

Each work group participant should feel free to post comments or link to documents in this area. Please identify and date your comments, and do not delete other comments without coordinating any updates. Any significant comments posted in this area can also be sent to the [email protected] mailing list so they become part of the permanent RTF archive.


Assigned Issues (for SysML 1.4 RTF)

IssueDescriptionStatus notes / Proposed resolution Ballot

Each issue number above links to a document already formatted in draft resolution form (including deferred resolutions from the SysML 1.3 RTF). A zip file of all these starting issue resolution documents, organized by chapter, can also be downloaded from the RTF home page.


Publish PlanSeptember 2012
Issues Articulated, Draft Architecture October 2012
Description of Requirements and Use Cases and updates November-December 2012
Concurrence on Requirements and Usecases January 2013
Prepare Demonstration Material February 2013
Report and Demo in Reston March 2013

Meetings 2013

January 22Consensus on use-cases and requirements, tactical and strategic issues with SysMLTBD
February 5Outline Reston ReportTBD
February 19Report and SE productsTBD
March 5Finalize Reston ReportTBD
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