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(Note: no formatting yet on this content of the current Google Docs document, retrieved as of 2012-10-17)

Proposed Workgroup Name: SysML RTF Auto-View Generation Workgroup (AVG WG)

Need: Capability to generate systems engineering documents from SysML models.

Goals: Establish an architecture for generating documents and views of models based on current practices.


Define the changes needed to SysML within to enable automated view and document generation from a SysML model and related external artifacts.

Scope: Unconstrained - approach and thinking Some changes could be within the constraints of the SysML v1.4 RTF if we want to make some specific changes to SysML. If changes exceed the constraints of what can be done in an RTF, a roadmap should be identified on how to move forward with the changes. Members: Name Email Interest Material Chris Delp Lonnie van Zandt Model elegance, readability, presentation, and automated paper. Tristan Faure / Raphaël Faudou Roger Burkhart Robert Karban provide modeling concepts to generate from a system model documents for design, ICDs John Watson Tim Weilkiens Tool independenct concept for model based document generation Elyse Fosse Sanford Friedenthal


Summary of current solutions to this problem expanded survey of practitioners and solutions Issue identification and description Architecture, Requirements and key use-cases for auto-generation of documents and views usecases - usecases that are application define and capture information through means other that model editor usecases related to language

block name multiplicity value property(units) constraint properties documentation

 part1   -cp1


 part2   -cp4  
      part3   --  

assign action to sandy to make model elaborate scope of plan to encompass example documents clarifying scope in terms of view-viewpoint vs

generation of document integration with heterogeneous data sources document debugging, structure of document view-by-view “preview” documenting views table views style provided from word processor template existing documents using the model “in the document”, architectural - presentation layer, view concept, styles are specified by document editor, requirements - presentation Proposed solution Immediate Specific fixes Longer term fixes Prototype application of this solution to auto-generate the SysML v1.4 specification Resources: Resource Location NoMagic Teamwork Server Lonnie is Admin Google Docs OMG Wiki

Milestone Timeline: The time-frame for SysML v1.4 changes should be completed by the March 2013 OMG meeting. Milestone Date

Publish Plan Sep

Issues Articulated Draft Architecture Oct

Description of Reqs and UCs Draft Architecture and fixes Nov Dec Jan Feb March 2013

WG Meetings Timeline: Date Agenda Result Sep 4

Review Plan

Agreement on Plan

Sep 17, Oct 2, 16

discuss initial usecasess and requirements Discuss Issues and Architecture Options as informed by current solutions

Issues Identified General Architectural Approach


Finalize issues Finalize architecture Finalize Requirements and Useacase Discuss specific fixes

Issues ready to submit Finalized Arch/UC/Reqs Direction for Specific Fixes


Finalize Fixes

Agreed Fixes


Discuss Generation of Spec Examples Discuss Prototype App

Feb March

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