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Behavior Concepts Modeling Focus Team


  1. Manas Bajaj - Intercax
  2. Conrad Bock - NIST
  3. Roger Burkhart - John Deere
  4. Hans-Peter deKoning - ESA
  5. Sandy Friedenthal
  6. Chas Gayley
  7. Andrew Mullis - Lockheed Martin
  8. Marc Sarrel - JPL
  9. John Watson - Retired Lockheed Martin


Starting Point

Limitations of SysML v1

  1. Lack of integration between structure and behavior (e.g., flows, triggers, input to do/behavior)
  2. Limitations of executing behavior that is integrated with structure/ports
  3. Lack of integration between different kinds of behavior (seq, act, stm, uc, timing)
  4. Lack of integration with analysis expressions so that it is simple to create an expression anywhere in the model
  5. Unification of expressions and constraints
  6. Inability to represent structure of I/O and how they are input to different functions
  7. Lack of representation of timelines
  8. Inability to easily create and destroy relationships such as connectors
  9. More flexible pre/post conditions using bdd/instance diagrams (refer to Keith Butler presentation)
  10. Support for software architecture concepts as identified by Ron Townsend
  11. Support for variant behavior modeling concepts

Driving Requirements

Requirements Analysis

Derived Requirements


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