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Cambridge September 2015 SysML V2 Planning and Requirements Meeting

Summary and Feedback

SME Concept Leads,

The attached Word document includes the feedback on your presentations from the System Modeling Assessment & Roadmap WG meeting in Cambridge, Mass on September 24, 2014. Comments are provided from Yves Bernard, Tao Yue, and Shaukat Ali, and myself. Can you please review and provide your plan to review these comments and discuss your plans to address them at our next telecon on Wednesday, October 28 at 11:00 AM ET. In particular, I would ask you to be prepared to present your updated concepts at our Working Group meeting in La Jolla. As part of the update, please review and update the attached a spreadsheet that represents a preliminary list of services that support the 7 SME capabilities (e.g., model construction, visualization, analysis, management, interoperability, workflow, collaboration). This spreadsheet is referenced in my feedback to you. The tentative plan is to hold a 2 day meeting on Tuesday and Thursday, December 8 and 10th to review the updated concepts in some degree of detail.

The status of the actions from the Cambridge WG meeting are included below. Please review and address. Thank you for your help in this critical initiative.

Feedback and Summary
SysMLv2 services


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