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Interface Concepts Modeling Focus Team



Marc Sarrel Steve Hetfield

The Interface Modeling Team

Name Organization email
Steve Hetfield BAE
Marc Sarrel JPL

SE Needs for Interface Modeling


Papers About Modeling Layered Interfaces

AIAA SpaceOps 2016

Other Attachments



Steve and Marc worked through some additional requirement. See V2 of the spreadsheet below. We spent most of the time working in the 3D Geometric Representation area, rows 55 to 59. Our general plan is to have a rich system of cross-model links between SysML models and other models (e.g. Mechanical CAD). Those links would enable cross-model navigation and visualization (static or dynamic). Visualization viewpoints defined in SysML might invoke external tools, with the results being display back in the SysML context. New rows highlighted in green.


Steve, Marc and Chas reviewed the requirements spreadsheet to allocate the work remaining. The structure of the requirements spreadsheet follows the structure of section 5 of the interface needs document. We made the following assignments for next week:

  • 5.4 Marc
  • 5.5.1 Steve – rule-based. Library of rules. User-defined rules. For summarizing or simplifying display of interfaces.
  • 5.5.2 Marc
  • 5.5.3 Steve
  • 5.5.4 Steve – Need user help to convert level 1 model progressively to level 4 model. See harness.

Chas will review existing requirements and provide comments. Marc will go through rest of requirement spreadsheet and propose assignments for the remaining unfinished sections.


Steve and Marc reviewed the latest updates to the requirements spreadsheet. Following assignments for next week's review with Sandy and John.

  • 5.5.1 Marc – reword to focus on model visualization aspect
  • 5.5.2 Marc – hold over from last week
  • 5.5.3 Marc – reword to focus on model transformation
  • 5.5.4 Marc – same
  • 5.7 Marc – last section to do, move rows 58 and 59 from section 5.7 to here
  • 5.2 Marc – move characterization stuff from 5.4.4 to here
  • Steve will draft an outline of the slides to present on Sep 15

Approach to writing requirements to address the needs document:

  1. Concepts from concept model with eye to layered interface papers
  2. Model elaboration, via model transformation language, user extensible (Model Construction)
  3. Visual simplification of working SysML diagrams, via visualization viewpoints, user extensible (Visualization)
  4. Visualization interface to incorporate visualizations from other analysis tools (e.g. 3D CAD) (Visualization)
  5. Linking and lookup of SysML model elements and elements in other external models (Model Management)
  6. Leverage properties pattern to describe properties of interfaces (Properties)
  7. SysML provides library of interface elements
    1. any/all elements from concept model, based on common external sources (i.e. standards)
    2. model elaboration rules (Model Construction)
    3. diagram simplification rules (Visualization)

Following RFP WG, Laura Hart suggesting adding anonymous broadcast to the interfaces concept model and requirements. Good idea.

Presentation Sep 8.

Organize the presentation around one or more HSUV use case examples from Orlando meeting. For each section of the use case, show an example supported by:

  • requirements
  • concept model
  • use case
  • illustrated in example
  • other services

Talk about a representative set of requirements. Full detail will be on wiki. Organize requirements into categories as enumerated above.

Update the interface concepts model. John will send link.


Will use Annex E of this meeting summary as the source of the use cases.

One possibility Steve and Marc discussed was to use the fuel efficiency use case, Scenario A in this document. Perhaps that increased requirement would necessitate an upgrade in capability to the HSUV's communication bus. That naturally crosses interfaces.


Sandy Friedenthal, John Watson, Steve Hetfield, Marc Sarrel

Met to discuss priorities for interfaces concept model, and how that fits in with requirements concept model.

  • Near term (present and publish for review at December 6th OMG meeting)
    • Mature the interface concept model and corresponding text requirements.
    • Integrate requirements concepts with interface concepts and update the interface concept model and propose updates to the requirements concept model.
    • Integrate Modelica style constraints for physical layer of interfaces into Interface Concept Model.
    • Develop examples that illustrate the interface concepts and their integration with the requirements concepts.
  • Longer term
    • Update the interface concept model and corresponding text requirements based on feedback from the Dec 6th meeting.

Steve Hetfield, Marc Sarrel

Actions for next Monday, Oct 31.

  • Filter interface requirements and assign IDs. (Marc)
  • Import requirement text and link to concept model. (Marc)
  • Align concepts and requirements. (Marc)
  • Talk to Bjorn about Modelica. (Marc)
  • Identify and sketch interface examples for Coronado meeting, Dec 6. (Steve)

Presentation at Coronado meeting.


Deep Properties Example


Presentation at Reston meeting.

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