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The Need to Model Requirements More Clearly

the overall problem with modeling requirements will be stated here.

Related Activities

SysML 1.5 Property Based Requirements Working Group focused on 'feasible' or allowable revision of SysML (version 1.5) in support of improving requirement representation. Incremental (dot) releases of SysML are necessarily constrained in scope, so these changes need to be small and circumspect. This wiki is restricted to OMG members.


These have been copied from the SysML 1.5 RTF PBRWG wiki. They are not restricted OMG documents, but the links to pdf documents need to be refreshed.

2000 Hubert F. HofmannRequirements Engineering: A Situated Discovery Process
2008-04-02 Patrice Micouin Towards a Property Based Requirements Theory
2012-01-17 Yves Bernard Requirements Management with a Model Based Engineering Approach
2012-12-21 OMG Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) 1.1 RTF
2012-12-11 Hongman Kim, Grant Soremekun SysML Issues in Connecting to Engineering Analysis Methods. See slide 8.
2013-2014 OMG Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) 1.2 RTF
2013-07-11 Patrice Micouin Property-Model Methodology: A Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach
2012-03-25 Anagyros Tsadimas, et. al. Extending SysML to Explore Non-Functional Requirements
2014-07-27 Lisane Brisolara, et. al. Integrating UML, MARTE, and SysML to improve requirements specification and traceability in the embedded domain
2014-05-13 Giuseppe Scanniello, et. al. (paper) On the Effect of Using SysML Requirement Diagrams to Comprehend Requirements (research report)
2014-11-06 Nat’l Highway Traffic Safety Admin., DOT Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49 (Transportation), Subtitle B, Chapter V, Part 571 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards), Subpart B,
§ 571.126 Electronic stability control systems.
2014-11 Patrice Micouin Model-Based Systems Engineering textbook
2015-01 INCOSE Requirements Working Group Draft Requirements Writing Guide - NOT FOR EXTERNAL DISTRIBUTION
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