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SECM Part 2 - Kernel Base Concepts: presented to WG on 3/18/15

Refer to posted slides


  • Starting principles
  • Base concepts (refer to discussion/issues below)
  • Concepts will be elaborated with definition, properties, and constraints as appropriate
    • present kernel concepts before adding the detail


  • Model
    • Do we need a separate element for model, or is Container sufficient
      • Motivation
        • Designate the model as top level and not have an owner
        • Designate the purpose and scope of the model
        • Model is conceptually a broader concept than a container (per Laura)
      • Candidate Approaches
        • Add a boolean property called isTopLevel
      • Follow-up by reviewing UML concept of model
  • ValueSpecification
    • Clarify default value, value spec vs instance spec, slots
    • Determine what is the scope of quantitative values (e.g. time varying, vectors, probability distributions, lifecycle, variants, …)
    • Consider renaming default as baseline per John W and ValueSpec as ValueSet per Ri
  • Relationships
    • Include directed only or include undirected
    • Should binary only or include nary


  • Capture discussion and issues on Wiki
  • Maintain list of issues in spreadsheet until JIRA is up and running
  • Discussion follow-up on model
  • Discussion follow-up on values
  • Schedule next telecon

Next Meetings

  • Reston face to face
    • Status and plans for the SECM development
    • Side session on value discussion and possibly model discussion
  • Next telecon March 31,
    • Part 3 - Kernel Extended Concepts


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