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Systems Engineering Concept Model (SECM) Working Group

The SECM Working Group Team

Name Organization email
Roger Burkhart John Deere
Sandy Friedenthal INCOSE
Charles Galey No Magic Inc.
Rick Steiner Skygazer Consulting
John Watson (Lead) Lockheed Martin - Retired

SysML v2 RFP - Extracted SECM Documents

The Approach of the SECM Working Group

  1. A goal of this group will be to capture the Systems Engineering Concept Model (SECM)- 2015 Industry Reference.
    1. The intent of this model is to capture Systems Engineering domain concepts based on well established industry references. The SEBoK V0.5 Model was created in 2011 and provided a model similar to the SECM- 2015 Industry Reference. It was based on a pre-released version of the SEBoK. It will be used as a “look and feel” reference. The three primary industry references used as source material include;
      1. SEBoK Version 1.6
      2. ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015
      3. INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook, Version 4
    2. The SE concepts will be captured in this model utilizing a limited set of UML constructs. The intent is to keep the modeling as simple as possible to make it easy to read, to quickly understand, and to avoid implying more than intended.
    3. This model will attempt to faithfully capture the SE concepts as they are presented in the three industry references and not be influenced from other sources such as earlier versions of the SysML language and other related references.
  2. Another goal of this group will be to produce a second model called the “SECM SysML V2”.
    1. The intent of this model is to derive a set of requirements that will be incorporated in the SysML V2 RFP.
    2. Some of the key inputs to this model will be the SECM 2015 Industry Reference, the UML 4SE RFP, and other industry ontologies. So, in this model we are not limited to just established industry published concepts. We are also able to include additional forward thinking and field proven concepts.
    3. This model will also utilize a limited set of UML constructs.
    4. The production of this model will not wait until the SECM 2015 Industry Reference is complete before starting. As concepts are established and reviewed in the SECM 2015 Industry Reference, work will commence on the SECM SysML V2 RFP to analyze this material.
    5. This model along with other reference material, such as the previous versions of the SysML Specification, the SysML V2 Services Requirements and other OMG specifications, will be used to provide input to the generation of the SysML V2 RFP which will ultimately lead to the SysML V2 Specification.
  3. The diagram above is also available in a PowerPoint presentation and is available in the “Presentations” section below

Concept Focus Teams

A concept focus area is a particular segment of the SysML language where over the years there have been considerable ideas discussed and a general consensus that improvements would be beneficial. For each of these focus areas first the SE Needs are established and documented. Then a small team of industry experts are assembled to form a Concept Focus Team. The goal of each of these teams is to establish a concept model and the requirements for that focus area that will be used in the SysML V2 RFP. The experts have both an in-depth knowledge of that particular focus area and they often have experience with developed prototypes and/or on-line development solutions. These solutions are used as a “stake in the ground” to measure what solutions are workable and what aren't. This invaluable experience is brought to the table to ensure the finished product provides requirements that not only meet the needs of System Engineering but also are realistic, practical and achievable.

1. Property & Expression Concepts Modeling Focus Team


2. Interface Concepts Modeling Focus Team


3. Requirement and Verification Concepts Modeling Focus Team


4. Structure Concepts Modeling Focus Team

SE Needs Reference Material


5. Variant Concepts Modeling Focus Team

SE Needs Reference Material


6. Behavior Concepts Modeling Focus Team

SE Needs Reference Material


X. Template for Next Concepts Modeling Focus Team

SE Needs Reference Material


SysML v2 RFP Material

Reference Material

Meeting Notes


Models Produced

HTML Extracted Models


Other Reference Material

JPL System Engineering Ontologies and Modeling Patterns

UML4SE Concept Model Historical Documentation

Historical/Dated Reference Material

SEBoK Support

This link contains diagrams from the Systems Engineering Concept Model (SECM) that were created within the SECM to support SEBoK articles.

Link to "SEBoK Support Model References" Page

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