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Standard Business Report Model

The Standard Business Report Model (SBRM) is a standardization initiative launched among a group of interested people at the end of 2018. The purpose of this wiki site is to support the work of this group.

OMG Policies & Procedures do not strictly specify how a working group is formed or governed. By virtue of having assembled to pursue SBRM, the participants constitute, and can call themselves, a Working Group.

1. Rationale and Mission

(briefly explain the reason why SBRM is needed)

The OMG Standard Business Report Model (SBRM) Working Group was formed to lead the work to solicit and adopt specifications for a common report metamodel, an ontology, and other related specifications it will deem necessary to advance the state of digital business reporting.

The SBRM WG will pursue its objective through the creation of discussion papers, the preparation of an RFP, and the submission of specifications for evaluation and adoption. The SBRM WG will work in close cooperation with other OMG subgroups, including but not limited to the Business Modeling and Integration Domain Task Force (BMI DTF) and the Finance Domain Task Force (FDTF), to pursue successful technology adoption according to OMG Policies & Procedures.

The Standard Business Report Model shall address the broader reporting needs of the business community, not limited to the financial domain or to U.S. organizations, laws and regulations.

The SBRM WG will leverage its members’ connections with various organizations, including government authorities worldwide and other standards groups, in promoting the adopted technologies in order to generalize and streamline digital business reporting.

The WG will consider the following in its work:
* The existing work and body of knowledge related to the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), so that business reports that conform to the model can be expressed in the XBRL and Inline XBRL syntaxes.
* Existing and upcoming OMG standards such as the Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM), the Unified Modeling Language (UML), the Business Architecture Core Metamodel (BACM), and others.
* The report requirements embodied in various laws and regulations, such as (but not limited to) the U.S. DATA Act of 2014 and the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report 18-138.
* The need for business professionals to understand the documentation provided for the model such that they can effectively verify the accuracy of the model.

The SBRM Working Group intends to develop an RFP, which will be submitted to the Business Modeling & Integration (BMI) Domain Task Force, and will assist the BMI DTF in evaluating responses.

2. Participants

The current members the Working Group are:

  • OMG members and staff:
    • Pete Rivett – Adaptive
    • Elisa Kendall – Thematix
    • Mike Bennett – EDM Council
    • Richard Beatch – Bloomberg
    • Steve MacLairdOMG
    • Lars Toomre – Brass Rat Capital LLC
    • Raynier (aka René) van Egmond – XBRL Consulting Partners LLC / Brass Rat Capital LLC
    • Claude Baudoin – cébé IT & Knowledge Management
      • supports this wiki and other logistical aspects, and provides the liaison with the BMI DTF, which he co-chairs
  • Non-OMG members:
    • Charles Hoffman, CPA – University of Washington
    • Dean Ritz – Workiva

3. Meetings

The SBRM Working Group is meeting weekly by teleconference during the first quarter of 2019.

A presentation on SBRM is scheduled for the OMG Technical Meeting week in Reston, VA. It will take place during the BMI DTF meeting on Monday, March 18, 10:30 am–12:00 pm EDT. Remote attendance will be enabled.

(we may add here notes from meetings, or create sub-pages, one per meeting)

4. Deliverables

The draft RFP, which will be presented at the BMI meeting on March 18th, is available with document number bmi/2019-02-01 on the OMG website here

It will continue to evolve with the target of formally issuing it at the Amsterdam meeting in June.

5. Call for Participation

We have a mailing list, [email protected]. If you join the SBRM WG, you will be added to the distribution. To ask to be added to the mailing list manually, or to unsubscribe, please click here, state your request in the message, and press Send.

Participants who represent an OMG member company can be provided upon request with accounts to edit this wiki directly. Please contact Claude Baudoin for help. This wiki is based on the Dokuwiki platform, which has a different markup language from Mediawiki (the Wikipedia platform). See the Dokuwiki syntax before attempting more than simple plain text edits.

Non-OMG members can submit a proposed wiki addition or change to one of the OMG members for posting. The post may be edited for clarity, consistency, spelling, etc. Submissions that are questions or discussion points will be placed in the Discussion section at the bottom, which is only visible to members.

  • XBRL International: Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) 2.1 Link
  • XBRL International: Inline XBRL 1.1 Link
  • Hoffman, Charles, and Raynier van Egmond: Method of Implementing a Standard Digital Financial Report Using the XBRL Syntax. PDF
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