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     * **Bobbin Teegarden** -- OntoAge     * **Bobbin Teegarden** -- OntoAge
     * **Lars Toomre*** -- Brass Rat Capital LLC     * **Lars Toomre*** -- Brass Rat Capital LLC
-    * **Raynier** (aka René) **van Egmond*** -- XBRL Consulting Partners ​LLC / Brass Rat Capital ​LLC+    * **Raynier** (aka René) **van Egmond*** -- XBRL Consulting Partners LLC
     * **Claude Baudoin*** -- cébé IT & Knowledge Management     * **Claude Baudoin*** -- cébé IT & Knowledge Management
       * supports this wiki and other logistical aspects, and provides the liaison with the BMI DTF, which he co-chairs       * supports this wiki and other logistical aspects, and provides the liaison with the BMI DTF, which he co-chairs
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 ==== 6. Related Standards and Papers ==== ==== 6. Related Standards and Papers ====
-  * XBRL International: //Extensible ​Business ​Reporting Language ​(XBRL2.1// [[http://​​Specification/​XBRL-2.1/​REC-2003-12-31/​XBRL-2.1-REC-2003-12-31+corrected-errata-2013-02-20.html|Link]] +OMG: [[​intro/​SBRM.pdf|Standard ​Business ​Report Model]] ​(Data Sheet) 
-  ​* ​XBRL International: ​//Inline XBRL 1.1// [[https://​​work-product-index-inline-xbrl-inline-xbrl-1.1.html|Link]] + 
-  * Hoffman, Charles, and Raynier van Egmond: //Method of Implementing a Standard Digital Financial Report Using the XBRL Syntax//. [[http://​​2019/​Library/​MethodForImplementingStandardFinancialReportUsingXBRL.pdf|PDF]] +XBRL International: ​[[http://​​Specification/​XBRL-2.1/​REC-2003-12-31/​XBRL-2.1-REC-2003-12-31+corrected-errata-2013-02-20.html|Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) 2.1]] 
-  * [[https://​​work-product-index-formula-formula-1.0.html+ 
 +XBRL International:​ [[https://​​work-product-index-inline-xbrl-inline-xbrl-1.1.html|Inline XBRL 1.1]] 
 +XBRL International: [[https://​​work-product-index-formula-formula-1.0.html
 |XBRL Formula Specification]] |XBRL Formula Specification]]
-  * [[|Data Sheet Summarizing SBRM]] (Charlie ​Hoffman)+ 
 +Hoffman, Charles, and Raynier van Egmond: ​[[​MethodForImplementingStandardFinancialReportUsingXBRL.pdf|Method of Implementing a Standard Digital Financial Report Using the XBRL Syntax]] 
 +Hoffman, Charles: [[http://​​2019/​Library/​DemystifyingOntologies.pdf|Demystifying the Role of Ontologies in XBRL-based Digital Financial Reporting]] 
 +Hoffman, Charles: [[http://​​journal/​2019/​12/​19/​modern-approach-to-creating-a-financial-reporting-scheme.html |Modern Approach to Creating a Financial Reporting Scheme]] 
 +Hoffman, Charles: [[http://​​digital-financial-reporting-ma/​|Digital Financial Reporting Manifasto]]. //The Manifesto proposes to the institution of accountancy and the global community of professional accountants that an option can and ought to exist to express a general purpose financial report digitally. This web page summarizes the critically important information to help professional accountants think about this topic.// 
 +Araújo de Santana, A.R., Paulo Caetano da Silva, Márcio A. Pereira da Silva, and Maurício Codesso: [[http://​​index.php?​view=article&​articleid=iciw_2018_2_30_28008|xAudit:​ Auditing Representation in XBRL Based Documents]]
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