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 The most recent (Beta) version is available [[http://​​spec/​ARM/​|here]]. The most recent (Beta) version is available [[http://​​spec/​ARM/​|here]].
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 ===== Work in progress ===== ===== Work in progress =====
-See the "SysA TF" section ​of OMG'​s ​Work in Progress ​page: + 
-http://​​schedule/​#SYSA+==== Structured Assurance Case Metamodel (SACM) FTF 2 ==== 
 +This FTF is finalising ​the Beta versions ​of the Software Assurance Evidence Metamodel (SAEM) and Argument Metamodel (ARM) into a single specification,​ the Structured Assurance Case Metamodel (SACM). The FTF'​s ​progress ​page is [[http://​​techprocess/​meetings/​schedule/​SACM.html|here]]. 
 +==== Assuring Dependability of Consumer Devices RFI ==== 
 +Download the RFI and see the responses [[http://​​techprocess/​meetings/schedule/Assuring_Dependability_of_Consumer_Devices_RFI.html|here]].
 ===== Co-chairs ===== ===== Co-chairs =====
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