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 +===== Academic WG Teleconference,​ 21 Nov 2018 =====
 +**Present:​** Claude Baudoin, Charles Dickerson (co-chair), Uwe Kaufmann (ModelAlchemy) Steve MacLaird, Jason Smith (co-chair).
 +==== Agenda of Seattle'​s in-person meeting ====
 +  * Hao Liang and David Mulvaney at Loughborough are working on the video of the "​impact study" based on the project with JLR.
 +  * Charles asked that Hao and David be provided with OMG registration numbers, as Diane Ehramjian is off for the week.
 +==== Invitation to more academic participants ====
 +  * Uwe Kaufmann said that he will meet with several academics involved in GfSE (German chapter of INCOSE) and will invite them to participate. Jason Smith sent Uwe a copy of the invitation letter used by Diane Ehramjian.
 +  * Steven MacLaird briefly met with James Cockrell from NASA in Mountain View, CA, and will continue to pursue the contact.
 +  * We discussed having a one-page flyer, largely based on the information we have on the Wiki page, to be able to leave behind when visiting universities.
 +  * Claude demonstrated the dynamic map of locations of OMG Academic Members. This is done by MapAList, using data from a Google Sheet, which was manually created from the results of an OMG member database query. Others liked it. We will need to refresh the data, perhaps no more than once a year. The number of such members in Europe was particularly appreciated.
 +==== Action Items ====
 +  * Jason: contact Hao and David to obtain the (large) video file when ready.
 +  * Claude: get OMG staff to add Hao Liang and David Mulvaney to the OMG database:
 +    * Denise Wahl replied that she is taking care of it
 +    * Juergen Boldt said he added them to the mailing list
 +    * Claude to add them to the table in Section 4.2 of the Wiki main page
 +  * Claude: talk to OMG Marketing (probably Diane, next week) about designing a promotional flyer.
 +  * Claude took a personal note to add a row in Section 4.2 for Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City, which he had visited a few years ago. They teach BPMN in their management courses.
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