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 +====== DMN Research Topics ======
 +  *  Conceptually a BPMN Decision activity can have a DMN detailed representation,​ with final DMN result values labeling the BPMN decision outputs. ​ But as a DRG demonstrates,​ decision making itself can be a complex process, and this can give rise to two views of the same decision space that require complex alignment – the BPMN view of the process and the DMN view of the decision lattice. ​ And DMN is another producer/​consumer of artifact details. ​ Are there common patterns? ​ Is there a reliable formal mapping of concepts? ​ //Edward Barkmeyer//
 +  *  BPMN can represent cyclic and spiral processes for making decisions, while DMN cannot. ​ So, how should that be modeled? ​ As in (a), there is a requirement for a clear alignment of model concepts and user vocabularies. ​ //Edward Barkmeyer//
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