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 +====== SBVR Minimal Knowledge Set ======
 +The fundamental concepts of SBVR
 +  * “bodies of shared meaning” and vocabularies:​ agreement of a community on a set of concepts and terms that designate them
 +  * consistent usage of the terms with a (semi-)formalized natural language grammar to express definitions,​ static/​’definitional’ rules, and behavioral/​’operational’ rules: obligations,​ permissions,​ prohibitions
 +The basis for the first bullet is the concept system in the ISO 1087-1 standard for concepts in writing dictionaries and local vocabularies in ISO standards. ​ The basis for the second is unidentified.
 +Regrettably,​ SBVR is formulated using a mix of linguistic, semantic, pragmatic, and formal logic concepts without tying up the resulting near misses and loose ends.  Further, it is itself written in a semi-formalized English (SBVR Structured English) grammar, which is not normatively or clearly specified. ​ (It is a camel constructed by a committee with diverse expertise, but largely common goals.) ​ Still, the principal concepts in the specification are valid and the approach is correct.
 +//Edward Barkmeyer//
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