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2898 [Agenda for next meeting]
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 ===== Agenda for next meeting ===== ===== Agenda for next meeting =====
-YOUR DRAFT AGENDA FOR New Orleans, Louisiana ​[[http://​​agenda|HERE]]+YOUR AGENDA FOR Boston ​[[http://​​agenda|HERE]]
 ===== Mailing list ===== ===== Mailing list =====
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 [[|James Logan]], [[https://​|No Magic]]\\ [[|James Logan]], [[https://​|No Magic]]\\
-[[|J.D. Baker]], [[http://​|Sparx Systems]]\\ +[[|Jeff Smith]], [[http://​|MACE (Sierra Nevada)]]\\ 
-[[|Michael Chonoles]], [[http:​|Change Vision]]\\ +[[|Michael Chonoles]], [[|Change Vision]]\\
-[[|James Odell (emeritus)]],​ [[http://​|Thematix]]\\+
 Send email to all the chairs via <​>​. Send email to all the chairs via <​>​.
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