OMG Technical Meeting

2020-06-21 to 2020-06-26
Timezone: UTC-04

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Mon 2020-06-22 (MARS Plenary AM/PM)
09:00-09:05Meeting Week Kick-off
Meeting week kick off, running through and potentially updating the agenda.

Remote Connection Info for the entire week:  provided in "General Notes" at the bottom of the Agenda.

Break Schedule:10:05-10:15 (MonAM); 14:30-14:45 (MonPM)); 10:25-10:35 (ThuAM)
09:05-09:25IEF Ecosystem of Interoperability DP: Review Draft Discussion Paper
Presenter: Mike Abramson (ASMG). Review next version of Draft Discussion Paper. Presentation from Long Beach highlighting major elements of proposed DP: mars/19-12-05
09:25-09:45IDL4 to C++ Mapping RFC: Review Draft
Presenter: Fernando Garcia (RTI)
09:45-10:05DDS-TSN Integration: Revised submission status update
Presenter: Fernando Garcia (RTI)|(OrangeWire,TwinOaks); Issued RFP: mars/18-09-10.
10:15-11:00REST for CORBA: Review initial submission
Presenter: Matteo Vescovi (Micro Focus)
RFP: mars/19-09-17; Initial Submission: mars/20-05-01
11:00-12:00Space Telecommunications Interface (STI) for Software Defined Radios (SDRs) RFP: Review final submission
Presenter: Louis Handler (NASA)|nContext
RFP: mars/19-09-21; Initial submission: mars/20-05-05
13:00-14:00Linked Encryption Streams (LETS) RFP: Review Draft
Presenter: Mike Bennett (IOTA/EDMCouncil); Last Draft RFP: mars/20-03-19
Invited to join: BlockchainPSIG
14:00-14:45IOTA Tangle RFC: Review next draft
Presenter: Mike Bennett (IOTA); Last Draft RFC: mars/19-12-16
Invited to join: BlockchainPSIG
15:00-16:00DIDO Reference Architecture (RA) 2.0 Discussion Paper: Review next (final) version
Presenter: Char Wales, Nick Stavros (Jackrabbit); Revised Draft DP: mars/20-06-01
Invited to join: BlockchainPSIG
16:00-16:30DIDO Test Environment (TE): Presentation & Demonstration
Presenter: Nick Stavros (Jackrabbit)
Invited to join: BlockchainPSIG
16:30-17:00DIDO Reference Implementation (RI): Introduction & Demonstration
Presenter: Nick Stavros (Jackrabbit)
Invited to join: BlockchainPSIG
Tue 2020-06-23
13:00-17:00MARS IDL WG (Chair: Clark Tucker)
Posted Agenda
13:00-17:00MARS SNC WG (Chair: Jeff Smith)
Posted Agenda
Wed 2020-06-24
09:00-12:00DDS PSIG
13:30-17:00Cancelled -- MARS IEF WG (Chair: Mike Abramson)
Posted Agenda (Cancelled)
13:30-17:00MARS CORBA WG (Chair: John Draga)
Posted Agenda
Thu 2020-06-25 (MARS Plenary)
09:00-09:10DDS C# API: Status Update
Presenter: Fernando Garcia (RTI); Issued RFP: mars/19-12-07
09:10-09:20TCP/IP PSM for DDS Interoperability: Progress update
Presenter: Fernando Garcia (RTI)|(TwinOaks); Issued RFP: mars/17-09-24
09:20-09:30Cloud WG update
Presenter: Claude Baudoin (Cébé). Latest status including schedule of future Discussion Papers
09:30-10:15IDL4 to C++ Language Mapping RFP: review draft
Presenter: Fernando Garcia (RTI). Present what is now an RFP (vice RFC) based on work in IDL WG on Tuesday.
10:25-11:00Motions to Issue/Extend/Adopt
Vote to Reopen LOI etc.
10:25 - DDS C# API - Fernando Garcia (RTI);  Issued RFP: mars/19-12-07 
Votes to Extend  
10:30 - DDS-TSN Integration - Fernando Garcia (RTI)|(OrangeWire,TwinOaks);  Issued RFP: mars/18-09-10
 TCP/IP PSM for DDS Interoperability - Fernando Garcia (RTI)|(TwinOaks); Issued RFP: mars/17-09-24  
10:40 - STI for SDRs - Louis Handler (NASA)|(nContext) ; Issued RFP: mars/19-09-21

Vote to Issue
10:50 - DIDO Reference Architecture (RA) - Char Wales, Nick Stavros (Jackrabbit); Draft DP mars/20-06-13
11:00-12:00Meeting Wrap-up
11:00 - Vote to approve Draft "Virtual Reston" Meeting Minutes (mars/20-03-06)* 
11:10 - WG Report-Outs (CORBA, IDL, IEF, SNC) 
11:30 - Plan for next mtng (update roadmap) & other ad hoc topics
*Not posted yet .. so link (for now) goes to a blank document page.
13:00-15:00MARS Overflow
Time reserved and room available to handle work items generated during the week that don't need to be conducted in MARS plenary or discussions continued from presentations earlier in the week.
15:30-16:30Chairs Planning/Agenda Coordination
Time for MARS Chairs to work on Friday PTC report. Also available to coordinate the MARS agenda with other TFs and SIGs.

Other items for your consideration:
Mon 2020-06-22
11:00-12:30BPMN in Action!
Tue 2020-06-23
08:00-09:00Liaison SC
09:00-10:00C4I DTF (FACE Profile for UAF Final Submission Review)
10:30-12:00GovDTF (NIEM Discussion)
13:00-17:00BPM+Health Jumpstart
16:00-16:10C4I DTF (FACE Profile for UAF - Vote to Adopt)
16:15-17:00GovDTF (Govt Blockchain Association)
Wed 2020-06-24
10:00-15:00Cloud WG
10:00-12:00BPM+Health Community Update
11:00-12:00Introduction To DDS™
13:30-17:00Blockchain PSIG
Agenda (includes connection info).
Thu 2020-06-25
08:00-13:00IoT Security Maturity Model 1/2 Day Course

General notes:
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IDL WG (Tuesday PM)
to be provided in the posted agenda

SNC WG (Tuesday PM)
provided in the posted agenda
IEF WG (Wednesday PM)
provided in the posted agenda

CORBA WG (Wednesday PM)
to be provided in the posted agenda

Acronym Supplement
: Blockchain PSIG
CORBA: Common Object Request Broker Architecture (
DP: Discussion Paper 
DIDO: Distributed Immutable Data Object
IEF: Information Exchange Framework 
MM: Meeting Minutes 
MRF: Machine Readable File 
NIEM: National Information Exchange Model (
REST: REpresentational State Transfer (
SDR: Software Defined Radio
SNC: Secure Network Communications 
STI: Space Telecommunications Interface 
STRS: Space Telecommunications Radio System (an Open Architecture from NASA) 
TSN: Time Sensitive Networking ( 

Specific to this Agenda or not available at the OMG site

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