Monday 20 June 2022
Time Architecture Board Biz Modeling & Integration ManTIS Member Engagement RAAML FTF SysML RTF UAF RTF
08:30 OMG Welcome Back!

Presenter: Jason McC. Smith/OMG

09:00 ManTIS Q2 / 2022 RAAML 1.1 FTF working group Agenda review
10:00 BMI DTF
10:30 UAF RTF 1.3 issues solving
13:00 AB Monday Session 1 SysML v1.7 RTF Plenary Meeting UAF RTF 1.3 issues solving
14:35 AB Break
14:45 AB Monday Session 2 SysML 1.7 RTF Precise Semantics Working Session
15:00 Joint UAF and RAAML meeting
16:00 Joint UAF, SysA TF and RAAML meeting
Tuesday 21 June 2022
Time Artifical Intelligence C2MS RTF C4I IDL WG MARS Member Engagement Robotics SysEng SIG SNC WG Space UAF RTF
04:00 Robotics DTF
08:30 OMG Consortia Welcome, SMM Update, & Keynote Session
09:00 C4I Domain Task Force AM Sessions Meeting Week Kick-off OMG JIRA Workshop SE DSIG Introduction - Sanford Friedenthal Space DTF Plenary Joint UAF BACM teams meeting
09:10 SysML v2 Update and Demo – S. Friedenthal, Ed Seidewitz, Hans Peter de Koning, Manas Bajaj
09:15 Nominations for additional MARS Co-Chair(s)
10:00 AI PTF Meeting
10:10 Break
10:15 Response to Federal Reserve's White Paper on Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
10:30 SysMD: Experiences from using KerML for inclusive modeling and consistency checking of innovation roadmaps – Prof Dr. Christoph Grimm, Damun Mollahassani UAF example model development: progress review
11:15 OMG Wiki Analytics Analysis Demonstration using Maple with SysML 2.0 - Paul Goossens
12:00 Lunch
13:00 AI PTF Meeting MARS IDL WG MARS SNC WG (Chair: Jeff Smith) UPR 2.0 - Charles Dickerson, Siyuan Ji MARS SNC WG UAF RTF 1.3 issues solving
13:30 C4I Domain Task Force - PM Sessions
13:45 Modeling Tool Integration Plugins (MTIP) – Karina Martinez, Trent Severson
14:00 C2MS 1.1 RTF
14:30 Break
15:00 INCOSE Systems Engineering Vision 2035 Highlights - Sanford Friedenthal
Wednesday 22 June 2022
Time AB Processes SC Analysis & Design Blockchain SIG Certification CORBA WG Cloud WG DDS SIG FACE Interop WG GEMS RTF IEF WG Liaison MARS Member Engagement SMSC Space SysA UAF RTF XTCE RTF XUSPRTF
08:00 Liaison SC
09:00 ADTF Meeting LETS RFP/SSI RFI/Smart Contract update DDS PSIG GEMS 1.6 RTF OMG JIRA Workshop Agenda Review Services Modeling in UAF Workshop
09:15 New Blockchain PSIG Co-Chair/Incorporating CBDC activity in Blockchain PSIG
09:30 Proposed Supply Chain RFI Supply Chain Security System of Trust
10:00 Break Break Cloud Working Group (Virtual)
10:15 CBDC Response: What I learned - Robert Stavros Coffee Break
10:30 SysML v2 Update
10:45 SBOMs and Software Supply Chain Integrity Transparency and Trust
11:20 SACM Status report
11:30 SFPM & TOIF RFP Status Report
11:45 Voting
12:00 Lunch Break Lunch Lunch
13:30 Multiple Vocabulary Facility (MVF) Revised Submission Presentation and Vote-to-Vote Operating Procedure Discussion MARS CORBA WG Cloud WG (Virtual) MARS FACE Interop WG MARS IEF WG MARS CORBA WG (Chair: John Draga) TEXT Future RFP Discussion Model-Based Acquisition Workshop
14:15 BPM+ Health
14:30 XTCE 1.3 RTF
15:00 AB Process SC Break Cyber Risk/RAAML discussion moved to Monday afternoon from 3 to 4pm
15:30 Solicit New Work
16:00 Specification Management SC XUSP 1.1 RTF
18:00 OMG Meeting Reception
Thursday 23 June 2022
Time Architecture Board BACMFTF Biz Modeling & Integration MARS Ontology SIG UAF RTF
09:00 BACM FTF Agenda IDL4 to C++ Language Mapping: Status update on revised submission Ontology PSIG Meeting UAF V2 workshop
09:20 DDS TSN Integration: Status update on revised submission
09:40 CORBA 3.4 ISO: Status Report
10:00 "FoundationSIG" Informational BMI DTF Overflow Session OMG/FACE Interoperability Efforts update
10:30 Disposable Self Sovereign ID RFP: Review latest Draft
11:00 Pattern Language for Smart Contracts RFI: Review latest Draft
11:30 DIDO RA V4.0: Review status and latest Draft
13:00 AB Thursday Session 1 Nominate & Vote for additional MARS co-chair(s) Relocating from C4I
13:10 Everything as a Service: A Guide to XaaS DP: Review Draft DP
13:30 Plans for future Cloud Discussion Papers
13:40 Motions to Issue/Extend/Adopt
14:00 UAF RTF 1.3 issues solving
14:30 Meeting Wrap-up
14:45 AB Thursday Session 2
15:30 Chairs Planning/Agenda Coordination
16:00 Wrap-up
Friday 24 June 2022
Time Member Engagement
08:30 All TCs Friday Plenary