Middleware and Related Services PTF Agenda

OMG Technical Meeting
Orlando, FL

2022-06-19 to 2022-06-24
Timezone: EDT (UTC-0400)

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Additional information can be found at: https://omg.org/events/2022Q2/agendas-temp/MARSPTFCalendar-aux.pdf

Tue 2022-06-21 (MARS Plenary (AM))
Callin Info: Callin access through www.google.com will be available to registered attendees during the event.
09:00-09:15Meeting Week Kick-off
Meeting week kick off, running through and potentially updating the agenda.
Break Schedule:
10:00-10:15 (TueAM);10:15-10:30 (ThuAM); 2:00-2:30 (ThuPM)

09:15-10:00Nominations for additional MARS Co-Chair(s)
Open discussion about nominations for additional MARS co-chair(s)
10:15-11:15Response to Federal Reserve's White Paper on Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
Presenter: Nick Stavro (Jackrabbit)
Present OMG's response to White Paper from Federal Reserve regarding CBDC.

Invited to join: FinanceDTFBlockchainPSIG
11:15-12:00OMG Wiki Analytics
Presenter: Terrance Milligan (OMG)
Review of analytics gathered from DIDO and CBDC WG Wikis
13:00-17:00MARS SNC WG (Chair: Jeff Smith)
Posted Agenda
13:00-17:00MARS IDL WG (Co-Chairs: Chuck Abbott/Fernando Garcia)
Posted Agenda
Wed 2022-06-22
13:30-17:00MARS CORBA WG (Chair: John Draga)
Posted Agenda
Note:  CORBA WG meets with FACE Interop WG during the same time period in the same room with start/stop time for each WG meeting adjusted as needed.
13:30-17:00MARS IEF WG (Chair: Mike Abramson)
Posted Agenda
13:30-17:00MARS FACE Interop WG (Co-Chairs: Daniel Herring, John Draga)
Posted Agenda
Note:  FACE Interop WG meets with CORBA WG during the same time period in the same room with start/stop time for each WG meeting adjusted as needed.
Thu 2022-06-23 (MARS Plenary (AM/PM))
Callin Info: Callin access through global.gotomeeting.com will be available to registered attendees during the event.
09:00-09:20IDL4 to C++ Language Mapping: Status update on revised submission
Presenter: Fernando Garcia (RTI)|(ZettaScale, OIS, Micro Focus)
Issued RFP: mars/20-09-01 (WIP)
09:20-09:40DDS TSN Integration: Status update on revised submission
Presenter: Fernando Garcia (RTI)|(ZettaScale, OrangeWire,TwinOaks)
Issued RFP: mars/18-09-10 (WIP)
09:40-10:00CORBA 3.4 ISO: Status Report
Presenters : Adam Mitz (OCI), John Draga (Micro Focus), Chuck Abbott (OIS)
Status Report on effort to prepare documentation for ISO regarding CORBA 3.4

10:00-10:15OMG/FACE Interoperability Efforts update
Presenter : Matteo Vescovi (Micro Focus)

10:30-11:00Disposable Self Sovereign ID RFP: Review latest Draft
Presenter: Ian Stavros (Jackrabbit)
Last presentation describing elements of RFP: BC PSIG Wiki
Invited to join: BlockchainPSIG
11:00-11:30Pattern Language for Smart Contracts RFI: Review latest Draft
Presenter: Ian Stavros (Jackrabbit)
Last Draft RFI: mars/22-03-08

Invited to join: BlockchainPSIG
11:30-12:00DIDO RA V4.0: Review status and latest Draft
Presenters: Nick Stavros/Char Wales (Jackrabbit)
Review latest status of DIDO Reference Architecture V4.0 from Wiki site.

Invited to join: BlockchainPSIG
13:00-13:10Nominate & Vote for additional MARS co-chair(s)
Time for the TF to vote on additional co-chair(s) to replace Peter Denno. (TFQ=6)
13:10-13:30Everything as a Service: A Guide to XaaS DP: Review Draft DP
Presenter: Claude Baudoin (Cébé)
Draft Cloud DP: cwg/22-05-01 
13:30-13:40Plans for future Cloud Discussion Papers
Presenter: Claude Baudoin (Cébé)
13:40-14:00Motions to Issue/Extend/Adopt
Votes to Publish DPs  
13:40 - Everything as a Service: A Guide to XaaS  -  Claude Baudoin (Cébé); Draft DP: cwg/22-05-01 [TFQ=6]
Votes to Extend
13:50 - IDL4 to C++ Language Mapping - Fernando Garcia (RTI)|(ZettaScale, OIS, Micro Focus); Issued RFP: mars/20-09-01 [VLQ=3]
13:55 - DDS-TSN Integration -  Fernando Garcia (RTI)|(ZettaScale,  OrangeWire, TwinOaks); Issued RFP: mars/18-09-10  [VLQ=3]
14:30-15:30Meeting Wrap-up
14:30 - Vote to approve Draft 1Q 2022 Meeting Minutes (mars/22-03-01)* [TFQ=6]
14:40 - WG Report-Outs (CORBA/FACE Interop, IDL, IEF) 
15:10 - Plan for next mtng (update roadmap**) & other ad hoc topics
*Not posted yet .. so link (for now) goes to a blank document page.
**As of March meeting

15:30-17:00Chairs Planning/Agenda Coordination
Time for MARS Chairs to work on Friday PTC report. Also available to coordinate the MARS agenda with other TFs and SIGs and vice-versa.

Other items for your consideration:
Tue 2022-06-21
09:00-09:30Update on Data Centric Security (DCS) at NATO (C4I DTF)
09:10-10:10SysML 2.0 Update & Demo (Systems Engineering PSIG)
09:30-10:30Liaison SC
10:00-12:00Cloud WG
13:00-13:45UPR 2.0 (Systems Engineering PSIG)
Presentation on UML Profile for ROSETTA 2.0 Agenda
Wed 2022-06-22
09:00-12:00Blockchain PSIG
10:30-12:00SysML 2.0 Update (ADTF)

General notes:
Acronym Supplement
: Blockchain PSIG

CBDC: Central Bank Digital Currency
CORBA: Common Object Request Broker Architecture (https://www.corba.org/)
DIDO: Distributed Immutable Data Object
DP: Discussion Paper 
FACE:  Future Airborne Capability Environment Consortium, managed by the Open Group (https://www.opengroup.org/face)  
IEF: Information Exchange Framework
MM: Meeting Minutes 
MRF: Machine Readable File
OCAF: Open Civic Architecture Framework
OCF: Open Civic Foundation
SNC: Secure Network Communications
TSN: Time Sensitive Networking (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time-Sensitive_Networking)   
TFQ: Task Force Quorum (for issuing documents or process votes before voting list closed)
VLQ: Voting List Quorum (for process votes after the voting list closes)

Specific to this Agenda or not available at the OMG site

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