Tuesday 06 December 2022
Time Primary
08:30 Cross Consortia Welcome & Intros
09:00 Cross Consortia Keynote - Emerging Technologies Towards Net Zero and Sustainability Goals

Presenter: Kathleen Kennedy, Executive Director, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence


Supermind Design
Today, we cannot continue to construct systems like we have in the past. We need a new path forward that takes the best from the past and couples that with the power of new frameworks and digital technology that will build powerful systems for a sustainable future. At the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence we have developed a new framework called Supermind Design, which is an approach that emphasizes generating innovative new possibilities for how to configure these systems and help to make them more intelligent.
10:00 Morning Break
10:30 Keynote: Digital Twins in Oil and Gas

Presenter: Justin Lee Piwetz, Service Portfolio Owner: Geospatial and Digital Twin, IoT - Digital Enterprise and Operations, BP

11:30 Working Group Opportunities and Updates

Presenter: Dan Isaacs, CTO, Digital Twin Consortium

12:00 Lunch
13:00 What is next for the Digital Twin Capabilities Periodic Table?

Presenter: Pieter Van Schalkwyk, CEO, XMPro

Description: The Digital Twin Capabilities Periodic table has been downloaded hundreds of times from the DTC website, it is on the Open Source repository, and we are planning an updated release. Join this session to see what is planned for the update and how you can contribute to it. We’ll also cover what is there now, and how you can use it to provide guidance for end-users that starting out and scaling out.
13:20 Reference Architecture Update

Presenter: David McKee, CEO, Slingshot Simulations

13:40 Capabilities & Technology Roundtable
14:30 Afternoon Break
15:00 Infrastructure Digital Twinning

Presenter: Eva Agapaki, Professor ,University of Florida

15:30 Digital Twins for Emergency Communication Deployment and Services

Presenter: David Shaw, CEO, Intuitus Cyber

16:00 Industrial Metaverse and Sustainability Brainstorm

Presenter: Ron Zahavi, Chief Strategist for IoT Standards, Microsoft

16:30 Using Automated Reasoning to Build and Verify Digital Twins

Presenter: Jamie Smith, Vice President of Product Management - Head of Products for Safety Critical Industries, Imandra

Description: Automated reasoning and formal verification allow teams to build digital twins that are formally verified to be correct. We will show how developers use Imandra to build and verify digital twins and the benefits gained by organizations using these digital twins in production.
17:00 Closing Remarks
Wednesday 07 December 2022
Time Primary
09:00 Keynote: Sustainable Transformation and the Future of Cities and Industry

Presenter: Will Thompson, Chief Strategy Officer, Forbes Ignite

Description: For the first time in history, technology now makes it possible for cities and companies to grow while becoming more sustainable and resilient.  We call this sustainable transformation, the successor to digital transformation.  The same technologies that will get us to net zero are also those that will protect our organizations and governments from the most disruptive decade in living memory, where cheap fossil fuel energy, abundant materials, just in time supply chains, and even globalization itself can no longer be counted on.  In this keynote, you'll learn how the information technology revolution is giving way to a new era of exponential innovation in the operational technologies that make the modern world.  We'll discuss the way IT/OT convergence sits at the center of sustainable transformation, and how all of these new, cutting edge technologies must be connected through intelligent infrastructure to deliver on their promise.
10:00 Morning Break
10:30 Keynote: Navigating Complexity in a Public Sector Digital Twin - The Case of OC Public Works

Presenters: Michael LaFontaine, Deputy County Surveyor, Orange County Public Works, Dr. Kostas Alexandridis, GIS Analyst / Spatial Complex Systems Scientist, Orange County Survey Geospatial Application, Adam Brasic, Senior Solutions Architect, Nvidia

Description: Orange County has embarked on a journey to develop a sustainable Digital Twin to better serve the community and its partners for a lifetime. It’s diverse portfolio, data silos, and 950 square mile geography has presented a complex problem. OCPW along with its partners have utilized a unique data architecture, machine learning, and new applications for interoperability to solve many of these issues. Join OCPW in collaboration with Nvidia to discuss how they’ve navigated their complex journey in the Digital County Twin.
11:15 Keynote: 21st Century Active Digital Twin and Intelligent Infrastructure

Presenter: Jeff DeCoux, CEO, Autonomy Institute

Description: Hear from several visionary real estate developers that are supporting the nations first Intelligent Infrastructure Corridor and Active Digital Twin. The SH130 region has dozens of collaborators and will support Campus of the Future, Community of the Future, and City of the Future developments. The Autonomy Institute and TAA will provide the tactical and strategic process of establishing an Active Digital Twin within a Public-Private Partnership.
12:00 Lunch With Luminary Presentation
13:30 Assuring Trustworthiness in Dynamic Systems Using Digital Twins and Trust Vectors
14:00 Panel
15:00 Afternoon Break
15:30 Digital Twins for Structural Integrity Analysis

Presenter: Javier Diaz, CTO, Aingura IIoT

16:00 Smart Agriculture and Sustainability for Reducing Food and Waste

Presenter: Ziynet Boz Ph.d., Assistant Professor - Agricultural & Biological Engineering, University of Florida

16:30 Value Digital Twins

Presenter: Shawn Kimmel, Managing Director, Ernst & Young Parthenon

Description: EY supported the development of Virtual Open Innovation Collaborative Environment for Safety (VOICES) - a centralized, industry-wide tool that allows for bi-directional collaboration on a distributed test infrastructure, combining digital twin simulations with real world components through various sensors and data systems. VOICES aims to provide a common architecture that improves the reuse and interoperability of test assets, thus reducing development, operation, and maintenance costs of test facilities.

The project was delivered for the Federal Highway and Safety Administration and required EY to partner with 100+ public and private entities from across the automotive, autonomous vehicle, and telecommunications, and technology sectors. The project is ongoing and VOICES aims to reduce the financial, operational, and maintenance costs of testing; allowing for improved fidelity and quicker market entry for novel emerging automotive technology. Those solutions, specifically AVs could save: $158B in fuel; 563B in crashes; $138 in congestion; and $422B in productivity.
17:00 Closing Remarks
Thursday 08 December 2022
Time Primary
08:30 Buildings as Batteries Technology Showcase

Presenter: John Reynolds, CEO, Agile Fractal Grid

09:00 Technology Showcase Roundtable
10:00 Morning Break
10:30 Digital Twin in Wireless

Presenter: Nicolas Waern, CEO, Winniio

11:00 Power Systems Workshop

Presenter: Mike Marshall, CEO, DRG Solutions

11:30 Climate Prediction VR

Presenter: Bruce Leybourne, CEO, Stellar Transformer

12:00 Lunch
13:00 Digital Twin Opportunities in the Manufacturing Landscape
14:00 Wrap Up