Monday 19 June 2023
Time Track 1
08:00 Healthcare Task Group

Presenter: Takao Futagami/Shinshu University, Abhijeet Kelkar/GEOOWN

  • Gait Analysis Test Drive Update:  Results from the first gait analysis trial in a public space
  • Lessons learned for IoT device prototyping


09:00 IIC Welcome

Presenter: Chuck Byers - CTO - IIC

Abstract: this is the kick-off session for our Quarter 2 2023 Member Meeting.  It will introduce the logistics, format, agenda and goals of the meeting.  
09:15 Keynote: Managing IoT Data as Enterprise Information Assets: A Digital Trust & Governance Supply Chain Approach

Presenter: Bassam Zarkout/IGnPower

Organizations face pressure to adapt to changing market conditions and digital technologies. Digital transformation empowers them to leverage technologies such as IoT, AI and Digital Twins, which generate significant economic value. However, widespread adoption of these technologies also lead to a surge in data volumes, requiring protection and governance as valuable Enterprise Information Assets. This presentation explores the symbiotic relationship between digital transformation and IoT systems, advocating for a "Digital Trust & Governance Supply Chain" that covers compliance, policies, legal defensibility and lifecycle management of IoT data.


10:00 Break
10:30 CTO Report

Presenter: Chuck Byers - CTO - IIC

Agenda: Chuck will provide an update on the status, progress and vision in IIC and OMG.  We will also discuss the theme of this week's meeting: sustainability (continued from Q1MM).
11:00 IoT Communications for Software Defined Industry/Manufacturing

Presenter: Rajive Joshi/RTI, David Lou/Huawei

The Communications Task Group (CTG) is a sub-group of the Technology Working Group, responsible for communications aspects of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The task group develops and maintains  IoT Connectivity Framework (IICF) and the Industrial IoT Networking(IINF) foundational documents. The task group serves as a resource to the IIC and the IIoT community for guidance on communication related issues and  communications innovations. Join us to learn more about the CTG roadmap, and how you can be part of defining the future of IoT communications for Software Defined Industry/Manufacturing.


12:00 Lunch
13:00 Industry Working Group Open: Sustainability from Vertical Markets

Presenter: Daniel Young/Toshiba, Vertical Task Group Leads

Task Group Presentations:
  • SMM Mining Profile Presentation
  • Smart Factory Updates
  • Energy TG Updates
  • Sustainability Maturity Model Proposal

Join us for the Industry Working Group’s Session on “Sustainability perspectives from different vertical markets”.  There will be speakers from the mining, manufacturing, and energy markets to discuss the recent activities in IIC.  Then we will hear an innovative approach for device manufacturers, called the “Sustainability Maturity Model”, which helps fulfill the needs of a circular economy and keep equipment from prematurely ending up in a landfill.

After a short break, we will then host a Workshop on Sustainability.  This will be an open forum for all participants, discussing the key SDG issues that participants see with their customers and processes, what and organization like IIC can do to help address these issues, and a discussion of next steps and best approaches.  Consider your company’s perspective, bring along your thoughts and ideas, and help steer the conversation towards effective measures that benefits everyone.


14:15 Break
14:45 IWG Part 2: Sustainability Workshop

Presenter: Daniel Young/Toshiba, Vertical Task Group Leads

Workshop on Sustainability
  • Key issues and ideas to address them
  • Areas where IIC can provide the most value
  • Discussion of best approaches and next steps
  • Action Plan 

15:45 IIoT Sustainability - How can IIC/OMG Help? (Marketing & Innovation WG)

Presenter: Mitch Tseng/Tseng InfoServ, Daniel Young/Toshiba, Bassam Zarkout/IGnPower, Abhijeet Kelkar/GEOOWN, Chuck Byers/IIC

What are tangible actions and results IIoT companies can achieve and how can IIC/OMG help them?

The panel discussion will be based on previous discussions in the Marketing and Innovation WG meetings with an objective to form a dedicated TG to help develop tools or other means to help members engage in sustainability work with trackable and meaningful results.         

Topics to be discussed include, but are not limited to:

  • How to make an IIoT business sustainable? 
  • How to ensure that sustainability goals are included during business transformation?
  • How can the VBE model help the efforts to improve business sustainability?


16:45 Digital Transformation Working Group Main Meeting

Presenter: Bassam Zarkout/IGnPower, Chaisung Lim/Korea Industry 4.0 Association, Marcellus Buchheit/Wibu-Systems

Join us for this session as we dive into the achievements of the Digital Transformation Working Group (DXWG) since our last gathering and engage in discussions surrounding Digital Transformation, the UN Sustainability Development Goals, and the changes in the structure of the working group.


Tuesday 20 June 2023
Time Track 1
08:00 OMG Cross Consortia Welcome Breakfast
Join OMG and our sister consortia the Digital Twin Consortium and the Industry IoT Consortium for a quick networking breakfast to kick off our week of Cross Consortia Welcome Session and Keynote.
09:00 Cross-Consortia Keynote: Digital Twin Evolution and Institutionalization

Presenter: John Vickers, Principal Technologist, Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA

10:00 Break
10:30 Smart Factory Data Extraction

Presenter: Thomas Doney/AdvME LLC, Guest Presenter:  Willem Meijer/Product Manager Industry 4.0 - Mpac Group plc

Mpac is a merger of several well established packaging machinery companies that provide secondary packaging machine solutions in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical spaces in CPG manufacturing.  Mr. Meijer is coordinating the incorporation of common hardware and software in Mpac's offerings to enable connectivity for both machine performance and machine condition data to help end user companies realize their objectives in manufacturing/packaging in their digital transformation.

Discussion will focus on the presenter's company's experiences to date in implementing local data extraction and visualization of machine performance and condition data, as well as a planned offering for remote analytics to provide additional support to their customers.

12:00 Lunch
13:00 IIC Joint Session with DDIM and DXWG

Presenter: Bassam Zarkout/IGnPower

Dataspaces is a concept that refers to a federated and open infrastructure for sovereign data sharing between different organizations and systems across domains and ecosystems. In this session we will explore the ongoing work on the Dataspaces and Data Sharing Principles whitepaper and discuss the relationship between dataspaces and digital transformation. 


14:00 Joint with DTC Cross-Functional Use Cases
This session will include the Scope 3 Carbon Emissions (CO2) Reporting
14:45 Break
15:00 DTI TG: Updates on Digital Twin Core Technical Report

Presenter: Gordon Shao/NIST

Discuss status of the publication of the Digital Twin Core Technical Report, including resolution of the previously identified issues. 


16:00 Joint Business Deployment Accelerator/Testbed Council

Presenter: Chaisung Lim/Korea I4.0, Mitch Tseng/Tseng Infoserv, Florian Frick/University of Stuttgart - ISW, Dr. Satoshi Morinaga/NEC, Kazuhiro Takahashi/NEC, Moon Park/Korea I4.0

TSN Testbed Update
NAP Testbed Update 
AAS 5G Specialized Network Test Drive Proposal

Wednesday 21 June 2023
Time Track 1
08:00 DDIM TG
09:00 OMG Diversity and Inclusion Keynote
10:00 Break
10:30 Digital Transformation Framework Session

Presenter: Bassam Zarkout/IGnPower, Chaisung Lim/Korea Industry 4.0 Association, Marcellus Buchheit/Wibu-Systems

Join us for this working session about the Digital Transformation Framework document.


11:30 Security and Trust WG - Trustworthiness Topic

Presenter: Keao Caindec/Farallon Technology Group, Marcellus Buchheit/Wibu-Systems, Bob Martin/MITRE, and Frederick Hirsch/Upham Security

This session will review the role of trustworthiness and security in enabling sustainability. We will explore approaches to reducing the risks of meeting the UN’s 17 Goals for Sustainable Development, especially those that impact the critical infrastructure sectors, such as water treatment, energy and industrial infrastructure. Using the IIC Trustworthiness Framework Foundations and the IISF, we will discuss the roles of security, safety, reliability, resilience, and privacy in sustainability.

12:00 Lunch
13:30 IIC Leads

Presenter: Chuck Byers - CTO - IIC

This is a meeting for IIC group leads (chairs, etc.) to discuss strategy, plans and administrative aspects of IIC.  Possible topics include:
  • Debrief of first half of Q2MM
  • Chuck's quick report from today's IIC Steering Committee meeting
  • Organization chart changes and status
  • People / leadership / membership changes
  • Deliverables Status
  • Integrating sustainability into IIC Culture
  • Work Plan for remainder of 2023
  • Member recruitment and retention
  • Q3MM
  • Open discussion
14:30 Updates from Hannover Messe 2023 and Other Industry Conferences

Presenter: Chaisung Lim/Korea Industry 4.0, Daniel Young/Toshiba

Chaisung Lim shall talk aboutthe inflection points discovered in the Hannover Messe 2023 and theirimplication on IIC and its members. The inflection points are those on data spacetechnology systems and digital twin technology systems.  Daniel Youngshall share the contents of Hannover Messe 2023 which have been discussedamong his colleagues in Toshiba. 

If time permits, the discussion will be opened up to other recent industry conferences that members have attended. 

15:00 Break
15:45 Security and Trust WG - IISF present and future

Presenter: Keao Caindec/Farallon Technology Group

  • Walk through IISF 2.0 sections, major changes and select diagrams.  
  • Message document has been out for review.
  • Communicate the target date for publishing the document.  

16:45 IIC Close

Presenter: Chuck Byers - CTO - IIC

Additional Speakers T.B.D.

Agenda: This is the wrap-up session for the Q1MM. We will summarize the accomplishments from the task group and work group meetings.  Chuck will moderate a panel session featuring IIC leaders representing various perspectives.  Please come with questions for us.
18:00 OMG Cross Consortia Member Meeting Reception