Monday 25 September 2023
Time Track 1
08:00 Healthcare TG: Progress on Inertial Gait Analysis and Possible Solution for Healthcare in a declining national population

Presenter: Takao Futagami (Toyo Corp.) and Abhijeet Kelkar (GEOOWN AB)

Title: A progress on the project for IGA. 
Presenter: Takao Futagami 
Time: 30 mins
Title :  A possible solution for healthcare in the scenario of a declining national population.  
Presenter: Abhijeet Kelkar
Time: 30 minsAbstract : The healthcare task group is working on the issue of using IOT devices to improve the healthcare of patients across the world. This is done with two focusses, the first focus is the value an IOT device actually provides like a clean room sensor or an Inertial Gait Analysis tool to forecast possible diseases in the future or a Wheelchair which can detect wheelchair slippages, the second focus is how to deliver the benefits which these devices bring to Patients, across a general population.  The other issue the healthcare group is working on is the issue of healthcare in the face of a declining population in Japan and such similar issues will be felt across many countries like South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China etc. This decline in population has two effects on the nation, the first being more elderly people to cater to because of the preponderance of an ageing population and secondly a smaller revenue collection as a lesser young population is there in the country. This will lead to lesser people in the healthcare sector like doctors, nurses, etc., and lesser funding to hospitals compounded by a larger Older population to cater for healthcare services. Add to it issues of data integrity and usage.
09:00 IIC Welcome

Presenter: Chuck Byers - CTO - IIC

Abstract: this is the kick-off session for our Quarter 3 2023 Member Meeting.  It will introduce the logistics, format, agenda and goals of the meeting.
09:15 Distributed Data Interoperability and Management TG Updates and presentation on Dataspaces in Practice

Presenter: Bassam Zarkout (IGnPower), Kym Watson (Fraunhofer IOSB), Chaisung Lim (Korean Industry 4.0), Jangseop Park, Director (Inter-X)

  • Overview of DDIM TG work on dataspaces and data sharing principles. (30 minutes)
  • Chaisung will discuss the MVP project of the Korea Industry 4.0 Association (K14.0), which is a demonstration project for creating a federated data space supporting scope 3 carbon emission reporting in Korea.  Korea is a country which does not have experience in creating federated data spaces. There will be time for Q&A with questions from both the K14.0 team and the audience. (30 minutes)
  • Jangseop Park will speak 9:45 AM - 10:00 AM on the Korean MVP dataspace.
10:15 Break
10:45 Digital Transformation WG Opening

Presenter: Chaisung Lim (Korean Industry 4.0), Bassam Zarkout (IGnPower)

Join us for this session as we dive into the achievements of the Digital Transformation Working Group (DXWG) and the latest work around the relationship between sustainability (US SDGs) and digital transformation.
    12:00 Lunch
    13:00 Security and Trust WG

    Presenter: Keao Caindec (Farallon Technology Group), Bob Martin (MITRE), Ron Zahavi (Auron Technologies)

    Level-set on current and future security and trust efforts and review the strategy for working with DTC and other OMG efforts.  An update on the SMM will also be included.
    14:00 Break
    14:30 Testbed and Test Drive Updates

    Presenter: Chaisung Lim (Korean Industry 4.0)

    Testbed and test drive updates (NEC, TSN and others) and test drive promotion plan (AAS on 5G Factory Network in the Automotive Parts Maker).
    15:00 Sustainability CG: An IIC Framework for Sustainability in Discrete Manufacturing

    Presenter: Abhijeet Kelkar (GEOOWN AB) and Bassam Zarkout (IGnPower)

    Abstract : Want to boost your discrete manufacturing performance and contribute to the UN SDGs? Want to learn how to use digital technologies to lower your environmental impact and create value? If yes, join this presentation. We will show you the IIC Sustainability Framework for Discrete Manufacturing is a practical approach that we are developing to help you align your products and processes with the UN SDGs. You will also get templates and starter kits for applying the framework to use cases like virtual ownership, a concept that enables circular economy models.

    16:00 CTO Report

    Presenter: Chuck Byers - CTO - IIC

    Agenda: Chuck will provide an update on the status, progress and vision in IIC and OMG.  We will also discuss efforts to improve collaboration across OMG consortia, and look at some of the outputs from the "Future of IIC" session from Q2MM.
    Tuesday 26 September 2023
    Time Track 1
    07:30 OMG Cross Consortia Welcome Breakfast
    Join OMG and our sister consortia the Digital Twin Consortium and the Industry IoT Consortium for a quick networking breakfast to kick off our week of Cross Consortia Welcome Session and Keynote.
    08:00 OMG Cross Consortia Opening & Welcome
    08:30 OMG Consortia Community Collaboration
    09:00 Keynote: Building Capability, Capacity and Collaboration for Smart Cities at the Intersection of Government, Industry and Academia

    Presenter: Corey Gray, CEO, Smart Cities Council

    10:00 Break
    10:15 Keynote: DISCS: The Potential of Digital Twins for Developing Successful Solutions for Societal Challenges

    Presenters: Dennis Dokter, CEO, Nexus, David McKee, CEO, Counterpoint Technologies

    Description: Nexus has partnered with White Rose Innovation Agency to co-develop the Smart Cities Cluster within Leeds. Part of the proposition is DISCS (Design and Integration of Smart Cities Solutions). An important part is the development of new methodology where Digital Twins can serve as the vehicles to assess and monitor the correct interventions needed to inform decision making processes and interventions.
    This presentation will lay out the desired impact and model of DISCS at White Rose Business Park and discuss the proposed methodology which will allow for more accurate and more relevant modeling.
    11:00 Digital Twins and Intelligent Spatial Infrastructure

    Presenter: Kostas Alexandridis, GIS Analyst, Orange County Public Works

    12:00 Lunch
    13:30 Using the IIRA to Build Innovative IIoT Systems

    Presenter: Eric Simmon (NIST), Abhijeet Kelkar (GEOOWN)

    The ArchitectureTG continues to work on IIRA 2.0 and is currently focusing on systems and domainintegration challenges. Topics to be discussed include:
    • The relationships within the IIRA and between the IIRA and other IIC documents
    • An example pattern for next gen IoT system orchestration
    • Open discussion
    14:30 Break
    15:00 Smart Factory Task Group - Digital Twin for Autonomous Factory: 3 Years of Advancements since IIC Test Drive

    Presenter: Tom Doney (AdvME LLC), Hail Jung (InterX)

    Description: In a dynamic manufacturing landscape,INTERX's transformative journey began three years ago at an IIC meeting inKorea with the proposition of an injection molding test drive underpinned bySmart Mold technology. At that juncture, INTERX demonstrated the ability toharness machine data from injection molding equipment and sensor data,including temperature and pressure readings, to create predictive AI models.Since that pivotal moment, INTERX has evolved into an industry solution leaderin Korea, offering a suite of autonomous factory solutions, includingQuality.AI for product quality prediction, Recipe.AI for optimal productionrecipe optimization, and Inspection.AI for image-based product qualityassessment. Furthermore, INTERX has introduced a comprehensive Digital Twinframework that seamlessly unifies these AI solutions into a single, real-timedashboard. This integrated approach empowers manufacturers with actionableinsights, enabling data-driven decision-making and propelling the manufacturingindustry toward a new era of autonomy and excellence. The presentationencapsulates the transformative journey from the IIC test drive to the presentstate of autonomous manufacturing in injection molding industry, underscoringthe instrumental role of Digital Twin technology and various AIsolutions. 

    15:45 Roundtable: IIC Cross-Consortium Community Collaboration

    Presenter: Chuck Byers - CTO - IIC: Moderator

    This session is a follow-on to the Cross-Consortium Community session at 8:30 AM Tuesday, and also prep time for the 8:30 AM session on Wednesday.  We will work together to create IIC's strategies to facilitate cross-collaboration with other OMG Consortia and the SDO.  The format is a roundtable / brainstorm where all members are encouraged to provide their input.  The conclusions and recommendations from this roundtable will help drive OMG cross-consortia collaboration efforts going forward.
    Wednesday 27 September 2023
    Time Track 1
    08:30 OMG Consortia Community Collaboration
    09:00 Keynote: Innovation in Geospatial, IoT Platform, and Digital Twin Capabilities and Technologies

    Presenter: Justin Piwetz, Asset Management Lead, BP

    10:00 Break
    10:15 Keynote: Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management with Digital Twins: Overcoming First and Last Mile Challenges and Embracing the Economy of Things

    Presenter: Rajinder Bahandal, Professor, University of Leeds

    Description: This presentation will cover the application of digital twins in supply chain management, shining light on the following questions:
    • Where can digital twins help improve the efficacy of supply chains?
    • What are the current first and last mile challenges?
    • Why should we consider an Economy of Things (EoT) vs. the Internet of Things (IoT) for supply chain management?
    11:00 Supply Chain System of Trust

    Presenter: Bob Martin, Senior Principal Software and Supply Chain Assurance Engineer, MITRE

    Description: The topics surrounding supply chain continue to evolve as critical minerals, micro-electronics, supply chain disruptions, and sustainability become topics on many minds. This talk will offer how several of the standards efforts in the Internet Engineering Task Force, Object Management Group, and Linux Foundation along with the thought pieces from the Digital Twin Consortium and MITRE's Supply Chain System of Trust work with the global community.
    11:30 Standards Task Group Work in Progress - Horizontal Standards

    Presenters: Claude Baudoin (cébé IT &, Knowledge Management) and Erin Bournival (Dell)


    Abstract: The STG recently completed a catalog of vertical IIoT standards – standards from various organizations that directly enable the deployment of IoT in the manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, or energy domains. The STG is now developing a horizontal IIoT standards catalog – standards for architecture, communications, security, data formats, etc., that are industry sector-independent. We will discuss the goals and scope of this new deliverable, present the initial list of candidate standards, and solicit additional contributions from the attendees.

    12:00 Lunch
    13:00 Enterprise Digital Transformation powered by Digital Twin

    Presenter: Hiroshi Yamamoto, Managing Executive Chief Architect, NEC

    13:30 Establishing a Global Carbon Reporting Infrastructure

    Presenter: Chaisung Lim (Korean Industry 4.0), Kym Watson (Fraunhofer IOSB)

    The presentation introduces the data space concept and discusses data space's impact on scope 3 carbon emission reporting, and it introduces the agile Korean MVP project. This project, implemented through international cooperation, focuses on scope 3 carbon emission reporting, data space for scope 3 carbon reporting. To advance innovation in scope 3 carbon emission reporting and foster a data space, a cross-consortia working group is recommended. This collaborative effort should aim to enhance global cooperation and drive progress in both scope 3 carbon emission reporting and global data space development.

    1:30-1:40  (10 Minutes)  'Data Space and Its Implication on Global Carbon Reporting Infrastructure'  (Kym Watson, Fraunhofer IOSB) 

    1:40-1:55  (15 Minutes)  'Why Cross Consortia Collaboration is Required for Establishing a Global Carbon Reporting Infrastructure?' (Chaisung Lim, Korea Industry 4.0 Association)

    1:55-2:00 Q
    14:00 Digital Transformation Framework Working Session

    Presenter: Chaisung Lim (Korean Industry 4.0), Bassam Zarkout (IGnPower)

    Join us for this working session about the Digital Transformation Framework document.

      15:00 Break
      15:30 IIC Leads

      Presenter: Chuck Byers - CTO - IIC

      Abstract: This is a meeting for IIC group leads (chairs, etc.) to discuss strategy, plans and administrative aspects of IIC.  

      Possible topics include: 
      • Debrief on Q3MM (So far) 
      • Organization Chart Changes / Group Consolidations / Hibernations
      • PM and CMT resources 
      • Interactions with other OMG programs 
      • Cross-Consortium Collaboration
      • New Conference: Transform at Infocom
      • Q4MM (Austin) Planning 
      • Open Discussion
      16:30 IIC Close

      Presenter: Chuck Byers - (Moderator)

      Additional Speakers T.B.D.

      Agenda: This is the wrap-up session for the Q3MM. We will summarize the accomplishments from the task group and work group meetings.  We will plan future work and meetings.
      18:00 OMG Cross Consortia Member Meeting Reception