Monday 05 December 2022
Time Track 1 Track 2
09:00 Member Meeting Day 1 Kickoff

Presenter: Stephen Mellor/IIC

09:30 Group Reports

Presenter: Stephen Mellor/IIC

10:00 Morning Break
10:30 Industry Working Group Open

Presenter: Daniel Young/Toshiba, Vertical Group co-chairs

11:15 Digital Transformation Working Group (DXWG) Opening Session

Presenter: Bassam Zarkout/IGnPower, Marcellus Buchheit/WIBU-Systems

12:00 Lunch
13:00 Technology Showcase

Presenter: Mitch Tseng/Tseng Infoserv,Chaisung Lim/Korea Industry 4.0, Erin Bournival/Dell, Takao Futagami/Shinshu U, Abhijeet Kelkar/GEOOWN, Satoshi Morinaga EC, Hideaki Fujimori EC

Trustworthiness in Supply Chain

Presenter: Bob Martin/MITRE

14:30 Afternoon Break
15:00 Smart Factory Business Patterns, Policy Driven Systems within Secure Comm. Mgt. Infrastructure

Presenter: Alfred Strauch/Smart Talk Beacon, Tom Doney/AdvME, John Perrigue\JP Consulting\Daniel Burkhardt/STCII

16:30 Security Maturity Model Update

Presenter: Ron Zahavi/Microsoft

17:00 Security Working Group Session

Presenter: Keao Caindec/Farallon Technology Group

Tuesday 06 December 2022
Time Track 1 Track 2
07:30 Leads Meeting

Presenter: Stephen Mellor/IIC

08:30 Cross-Consortia Welcome & Intros

Presenter: Jason McC. Smith/OMG, Stephen Mellor/IIC, Dan Isaacs/DTC

09:00 Cross Consortia Keynote - Introduction to Supermind Design

Presenter: Kathleen Kennedy, Executive Director, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

10:00 Morning Break
10:30 Technology Showcase - Buildings as Batteries

Presenter: John Reynolds, CEO, Agile Fractal Grid

11:30 BizOps for Industry Digital Transformation (BIDX)

Presenter: Chaisung Lim/Korea Industry 4.0 Association

12:00 Lunch
13:00 DX Framework Working Session

Presenter: Bassam Zarkout/IGnPower,Marcellus Buchheit/WIBU-Systems

14:00 Digital Transformation Enablers

Presenter: Erin Bournival/Dell, Bassam Zarkout/IGnPower

German Regional Team

Presenter: Heiner Lasi and Sebastian Renken/Steinbeis-Institut

14:30 Afternoon Break
15:00 Back to Reality: Getting over Metaverse Hype

Presenter: Michael Thomas/Stillhouse Compute, Mitch Tseng/Tseng Infoserv

Trustworthiness Framework

Presenter: Marcellus Buchheit/WIBU-Systems

16:00 Joint Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Systems DTF and Smart Factory Task Group
17:00 Strategy Session

Presenter: Stephen Mellor/IIC

18:30 Chairs' Dinner
Wednesday 07 December 2022
Time Track 1 Track 2
09:00 Keynote: Sustainable Transformation and the Future of Industries and Cities

Presenter: Will Thompson, Chief Strategy Officer, Forbes Ignite

10:00 Morning Break
10:30 Keynote: Navigating Complexity in a Public Sector Digital Twin - The Case of OC Public Works

Presenters: Michael LaFontaine, Deputy County Surveyor, Orange County Public Works, Dr. Kostas Alexandridis, GIS Analyst / Spatial Complex Systems Scientist, Orange County Survey Geospatial Application

11:15 Industry Working Group 2023 Planning & Wrap up

Presenter: Daniel Young/Toshiba

Digital Transformation Working Group (DXWG) Closing Session

Presenter: Bassam Zarkout/IGnPower, Marcellus Buchheit/WIBU-Systems

12:00 Lunch with Luminary Presentation

Presenter: Andres Carvallo, Professor/Texas State, Gan Wang, Ph.D.,Vice President, Systems Engineering Ecosystem/Dassault Systemes, INCOSE Fellow and ESEP

13:30 Assuring Trustworthiness in Dynamic Systems Using Digital Twins and Trust Vectors

Presenter: Detlev Richter, Global Head of Industrial and Energy Products, TUV SUD

14:00 Panel

Presenter: Detlev Richter, Global Head of Industrial and Energy Products, TUV SUD

15:00 Afternoon Break
15:30 Technology Working Group

Presenter: Daniel Young/Toshiba

16:30 Closing Session

Presenter: Stephen Mellor/IIC

18:00 Member Reception