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Welcome to the Agent PSIG wikiBold Text

Co-Chairs Bobbin Teegarden,OntoAge Lars Toomre, Zack Hashemi

                With Jim Odell Co-Chair Emeritus

At the Agent PSIG Meeting, OMG Reston 2019, two additional Co-Chairs were voted in: Lars Toomre of Brass Rat Capital, and Zack Hashemi of MACE. The name of the Agent PSIG was changed to the AI PSIG, and there will be weekly meeting starting soon. At the first online meeting, there will be a continuation of the discussion around directions in which to take the future AI PSIG, and plan activities.

Here is a link to the last Agent PSIG site, which is very rich in former achievements, and sets a high standard for us going forward: Our hearty thanks to Jim Odell for his leadership there.

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