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Welcome to AI PSIG WIKI


Welcome to the AI PSIG WIKI

The AI PSIG is a new OMG endeavour, making this group an OMG based AI center, bringing to OMG emergent and exciting new AI technology, initiatives, especially those wanting standardization. The intent of this group is to become an OMG cluster for AI architecture, technology, and standards, complementing and fostering other OMG AI activity and initiatives (like Ontology PSIG, and activities in OMG Domain groups like Retail and Healthcare), making OMG the place to come for AI technology standardization. This is the AI PSIG charter.


  • Bobbin Teegarden of OntoAge
  • Lars Toomre of Brass Rat Capital
  • Zack Hashemi of MACE
  • (with Jim Odell, Co-Chair Emeritus)

Contact Us:


Let us know if you would like to be added to our mailing list: We welcome great ideas, emerging AI technology, and new AI standards, bring your digital twin and join us!

An AI Metamodel of the range of AI PSIG Activity is here:



At the Agent PSIG Meeting, OMG Reston 2019, two additional Co-Chairs were voted in: Lars Toomre of Brass Rat Capital, and Zack Hashemi of MACE.

The AI PSIG has evolved beyond the older Agent PSIG, as a new OMG endevour with the intent of making this group an AI center for OMG, and making OMG the place to come for AI/Agent standardization. This is our new charter.

The AI PSIG will be coordinating with other OMG groups who also have vital activities around AI, and will sponsor, foster, facilitate, coordinate, partner with, and participate in those additional AI activities (such as those in the Ontology PSIG around ontologies and semantics), as well as initiating a vibrant new panoply of activity around AI standardization and modeling. We will have a rousting roster of invited AI dignitaries to speak to the group, to keep the freshest AI activity vibrant with the group. The AI PSIG welcomes your participation, as well as requests and recommendations, and new rapport with any kind of intelligence – artificial, embedded, ubiquitous….

There will be weekly meetings starting soon. At the first online meeting, there will be a continuation of the discussion around directions in which to take the restructured AI PSIG, and a planning session for future focus and activities. All minutes and documents will be published on this site, so please stay tuned!

Here is a link to the last Agent PSIG site, which as been quiet for the last 8-10 years, and which is very rich in former achievements, and sets a high standard for us going forward: Our hearty thanks to Jim Odell for his vibrant leadership during that era.

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