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Welcome to the Agent PSIG wiki Co-Chairs Bobbin Teegarden, and Jim Odell (Emeritus)

There is an Agent PSIG Meeting at the upcoming OMG Meeting in Reston, on Tuesday March 19 2019, 5-6 pm, after the Blockchain PSIG. The agenda is to take motions to add additional Co-Chairs for the Agent PSIG, to vote on Co-Chairs, and to have a discussion around directions in which to take the future Agent PSIG activities.

There is also a joint Agent PSIG/Blockchain PSIG talk just before this meeting, from 4-5pm, by Zack Hashimi Agent Architectures Using Blockchain.

Here is a link to the Agenda:

After this meeting, the Co-Chairs will update this site based on the discussion in Reston.

Here is a link to the last Agent PSIG site, which is very rich in former achievements, and sets a high standard for us going forward: Our hearty thanks to Jim Odell for his leadership there.

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