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Work in Progress

Current Initiatives

Currently open initiatives at Blockchain PSIG are:

  • Requests for Information (RFI)
    • Smart Contracts RFI
      • Restarted after December 2021 as 'A Pattern Language for Smart Contracts' RFI
  • Requests for Proposals (RFP)
    • Disposable Self-sovereign Identify (D-SSI) RFP

Previous initiatives:

  • Linked Encrypted Transaction Streams (LETS) RFP
  • Disposable Self-sovereign Identity RFI
  • Interoperability RFI

Smart Contracts RFI

Current draft: MARS/22-03-08 Pattern Language for Smart Contracts RFI

Disposable Self-sovereign Identity RFP

Following completion of analysis of responses to the earlier Disposable Self-sovereign Identity RFI, it was determined that there were three potential areas for standardization. It was also determined that these were inter-related enough to merit becoming one RFP not three.

The most recent discussion and thinking on this RFP is in the Quarterly Meeting slides at:

Blockchain PSIG Initiatives Discussion slides

The Disposable SSI RFP material is the second part of this presentation.

Work on the formal RFP document has not yet begun.

Active RFPs

  • Linked Encrypted Transaction Streams (LETS) RFP


An initial submission was made by the IOTA Foundation as MARS/2021-11-01 LETS Initial Submission

A Re vised Submission for the March 2022 meeting. This is the document MARS/22-02-02 LETS Revised Submission.

At the March 2022 OMG Quarterly Meeting it was agreed to extend the Revised Submission deadline to the Q3 (September 2022) Quarterly Meeting time frame.

A copy of that submission is also held on file by the IOTA Foundation, as the submitters.

The Revised Submission Deadline is set to 4 weeks before the September 2022 Quarterly Meeting.

Previous Drafts

Smart Contracts RFI Previous Drafts

NOTE: Subsequent to the most recent working draft of the Smart Contracts RFI (below) it was decided to re-frame the objectives of this RFI to target potential smart contracts code generation solutions specifically. The work was re-started from a clean template.

Most recent Working Draft of this iteration: BC-PSIG/2021-12-10 Smart Contracts RFI Draft 10

This work was subsequently re-framed and restarted as 'A Pattern Language for Smart contracts RFI'.

Draft Version presented at MARS in December 2021: MARS/21-12-09 Smart Contracts RFI Draft 9

Earlier drafts

As worked on during 2021 Q4: Smart Contracts RFI Draft 8

Later working draft (with changes made at the Sept 2021 Quarterly Meeting): Smart Contracts RFI Draft 7

Pete Rivett comments (on an earlier Draft 6) Smart Contracts RFI Draft 6 - PR

- These comments are all either actioned in or transferred to Draft 9.

Working draft prepared for the September 2021 Quarterly Meeting: Smart Contracts RFI Draft 6

Previous (2021-Q3) working draft - as posted to MARS PTF ahead of September 2021 meetings: Smart Contracts RFI Draft 5

Earlier draft 'Working Copy' Smart Contracts RFI (Draft 4)

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