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   * one teleconference per quarter midway between OMG meetings.   * one teleconference per quarter midway between OMG meetings.
-The next face-to-face meeting is scheduled for the week of 24-27 March 2019, during the OMG meeting in ReSton, VA (near Washington, DC), USA. It will most likely take place on Tuesday or Wednesday (March 25 or 26), 9:00 am--12:00 pm., Eastern ​Standard ​Time.+The next face-to-face meeting is scheduled for **Tuesday, 19 March 2019,** during the OMG meeting in **Reston, VA** (near Washington, DC), USA, from **9:00 am to 12:00 pm, Eastern ​Daylight ​Time (EDT).** Remote participation will be available. Note that the U.S. switches to summer time on March 10, and Europe on March 31. Therefore, the time difference with Washington will be only 4 hours for the UK (GMT/UTC) and 5 hours for continental Europe (CET). 
 +The agenda of our meetings generally follows this pattern: 
 +  * Welcome and introductions 
 +  * Review of papers completed or started during the previous quarter 
 +  * Review of the potential upcoming paper, participant feedback and prioritization,​ new suggestions,​ etc. 
 +  * Discussion of other actions (events, standards efforts, etc.) 
 +  * Agenda items for the following face-to-face meeting 
 ---- ----
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