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Welcome to the Data Governance Working Group Wiki

At the June 2018 meeting in Boston, the leaders of the MARS Task Force, Data Residency Working Group, Provenance & Pedigree Working Group, IEF Working Group, and of the Data Tagging & Labeling RFP effort within the C4I Task Force, jointly decided to regroup their efforts into a single Data Governance Working Group.


The Data Governance Working Group (DGWG) will explore requirements and pursue opportunities for standardization in order to help organizations responsibly manage the full lifecycle of data – including, but not limited to, the collection, provenance, transformation, enrichment, movement, storage location, access rights, protection and exchange of data and information.

The DGWG scope includes (but is not limited to) data residency, information, the needs of the C4I community for data tagging and labeling (e.g., security), and Data protection. The DGWG will be seeking to identify the utility of existing standards (e.g., the OMG Information Exchange Facility, IEF) to enable the expanding uses of data while addressing the increasing demand for privacy, confidentiality and other data protections. The DGWG will seek to identify enabling standards, identify gaps in the standards mosaic, and seek standards to address the identified gaps.


The initial co-chairs of the Working Group are:

  • Claude Baudoin, cébé IT & Knowledge Management
  • John Butler, Auxilium Technology Group
  • Robert Lario, Veterans Health Administration

This list is of course subject to change. Co-chair roles and responsibilities are less formal in an OMG Working Group than they are in a Special Interest Group or Task Force.


The DGWG met during the Ottawa Technical Meeting on Sunday 23 September 2018, 5:00–8:00 p.m. In addition, the Summit organized at that meeting (26-27 September 2018) about the applicability of OMG standards to the federal and provincial governments of Canada included a series of presentations about the various aspects included in the scope of the DGWG's charter (provenance and pedigree, residency, data tagging and labeling, and IEF).


There are three RFPs in progress or under consideration that fall under the purview of the DGWG, although they will need to be issued by a Task Force (such as MARS or ADTF) when the time comes. These are:

  • an RFP on Data Provenance & Pedigree – discussed on the [email protected] mailing list
  • the RFP started in the C4I Task Force on Data Tagging & Labeling (this may remain in C4I, but we expect the DGWG to have a role in improving it, and in particular to expand its focus beyond DoD and NATO requirements)
  • an RFP on a formal language to represent data residency laws and regulations — an effort discussed at several successive meetings of the Data Residency Working Group.

Call for Participation

Interested OMG and non-OMG participants are invited to join the DGWG. We have a mailing list, [email protected]. To ask to be added to the mailing list, click here and press Send.

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