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2.1.3 Ecosystem View

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The concepts of a Ecosystem View are captured within the DIDO Ecosystem Community.

The perspectives of Domain and Ecosystem Communities of Interest (CoIs) are different. Whereas a DIDO Domain Community focuses on a specific, real world solution or implementation to a specific concrete problem (i.e., a thing), an Ecosystem CoI focuses on the interactions and links between subordinate Ecosystems (i.e., sub-Ecosystems) and Domain Community. Governance of the overall enterprise Data Model (DM) and individual datastores for the enterprise should remain unchanged from the pre-DIDO or non-DIDO state; it is still hierarchical in nature with a definite chain of command and specific responsibility attributed to individuals within the organization. The primary focus of the DIDO Ecosystem is coordination of various other CoIs. For example, one Ecosystem CoI could coordinate other sub-Ecosystem and Domain Communities to ensure consistent perspective and context across for interoperability across all the CoIs.

A well run DIDO Community should have a charter that documents:

  • the rules of engagement between DIDO CoI members
  • the approval processes for changes to the charter and for releases, such as software and configuration
  • trouble report procedures (capturing, distributing, resolving, disseminating afterwards)
  • maintenance procedures (requesting, frequency, dissemination of maintenance reports)

Ideally, a DIDO CoI should have a chairperson and a board of directors. Some DIDO CoIs may add a technical board or architectural board to oversee technical changes in the product and dedicate the board of directors to oversee governance of the DIDO CoI.

The following diagram represents the various kinds of DIDO CoIs and their relationship to each other.

  • DIDO Ecosystem is comprised of 1 or more DIDO Platforms
  • DIDO Ecosystem is comprised of 1 or more DIDO Domains
  • DIDO Domain community is comprised of of 1 or more immutable data objects
  • DIDO Exchange can bridge 1 or more immutable data objects within a DIDO community
  • DIDO Exchange can bridge 1 or more DIDO communities
  • DIDO Exchange can bridge 1 or more DIDO Ecosystems
Figure 1: DIDO Ecosystem
NOTE: Refer to 2.1.7 Relevant Community Standards for this view.
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