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Each node has a distribution software component. It is responsible for distributing and coordinating data and software throughout a DIDO network. Probably one of the best-known implementations of distribution software is the Domain Name System (DNS), which forms the backbone of the Internet:

Domain name system (DNS) is a hierarchical naming system built on a distributed database. This system transforms domain names to IP addresses and makes it possible to assign domain names to groups of Internet resources and users, regardless of the entities' physical location.1)

However, with the advent of the Blockchain papers by Satoshi Nakamoto 2) another major player, Bitcoin, has emerged in the distribution software space.


Technical Standards

de facto Standards

  • None at this time


  • None at this time
Techopedia, “Techopedia Domain Name Service (DNS),” 30 November 2017.
S. Nakamoto, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System,” 24 May 2009.
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