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dido:public:ra:1.2_views:2_tech_views:2-nodenet:2_node:3_platform DIDO Platform

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A DIDO platform definition encapsulates the complete environment that supports a running DIDO. The DIDO platform covers the hardware, operating system (OS), DIDO software, and the connection to the network. There are potentially many related DIDO platforms defined for any particular domain. Each DIDO platform can vary the hardware, OS, type of network connection, and potentially the DIDO software if the software can interoperate.

For example, a domain defined for a supply chain might have a set of DIDO platforms defined. A DIDO platform for Windows, Linux, UNIX, Android, Mac OS, and IOS can work on TCP/IP machines or TCP/UDP protocols.


Technical Standards

  • None at this time

de facto Standards


  • None at this time
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