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A masternode1) is combination of a staking node using a Proof of Stake (PoS) node network, which relies on the weight of the stake 2), and a server.

The requirements for a successful staking node are a server, a stable internet connection, a minimum number of coins used for staking, and time to mine the server. Unlike the staking node, the masternode does not wait for randomly assigned blocks of transactions to validate but is instead constantly engaged: obtaining rewards and constantly paying out a certain number of tokens (i.e., coins) (thus the minimum stake). 3)

Characteristics of Masternodes4)

  • Higher rewards than a simple staking node
  • Ability to participate in votes on proposals
  • Hosting does not have to be local
  • Higher cost and resource requirements than staking node
  • More complexity
  • Requires an initial stake
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