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dido:public:ra:1.2_views:3_taxonomic:3_node_tax:full:pruned Pruned Node

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A pruned node is a full node for all intents and purposes with one major difference: in order to save space on the node, the pruned node begins downloading blocks from the beginning of the ledger and when a preset threshold on space is exceeded, the oldest transactions are deleted, retaining only the headers and placement within the blockchain.

For example, a size limit threshold of 550MB allows storage of the latest blocks that fit within the 550MB threshold. However, to retain the integrity of the ledger, all the transactions must be processed and checked for validity in the order of their creation. At the end of the load, the state of the data is correct and only the history of the transactions is lost. 1)

Note: Pruned nodes are considered full nodes and thus can also verify transactions and be involved in consensus.


Technical Standards

  • None at this time

de facto Standards

  • None at this time


  • None at this time
“Blockchain Nodes: An In-Depth Guide”,
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