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3.2.2 Bylaws

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The community of interest (CoI) bylaws (or articles of organization) are the primary legal documents providing governance for the group. The bylaws are originally created during the initial steps of establishing the CoI (i.e., ecosphere). 1)

Bylaws are supplemental to the rules already defined by the granting government entity's (e.g., states, counties, or cities in the US) code and rules for how the CoI must run. Bylaws specify the rules and regulations governing actions and decisions made by the board. The bylaws should help prevent or resolve conflicts and disagreements, and protect the CoI from potential problems by clearly outlining rules concerning authority levels, rights, and expectations.

  1. If the board of directors fails to follow the adopted CoI bylaws, it can be held liable for breaching their duty to the CoI.
  2. The Bylaws serves as part of the Regulatory Aspect within the Governing Model. See Governing Roles and the Governing Model for more information.

Common Provisions in Bylaws

  1. Name and Purpose
  2. Parliamentary Authority for Election, roles, and terms of officers and board members
  3. Membership Issues (categories, responsibilities)
  4. Meeting Guidelines (Frequency and Quorum)
  5. Board Structure and Size
  6. Compensation and indemnification of board members
  7. Role of Chief Executive
  8. Conflict of Interest Policy
  9. Amendment of Bylaws Policy
  10. Dissolution of the organization


  • The bylaws are made specifically for the CoI (i.e., ecosphere).

de facto Standards

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