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4.1.5 The Current State of DIDO Requirements

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The current state of DIDO governance is basically “Execution Centric”. This basically means that the governance is being developed by those that are actually creating the DIDO platforms (i.e., products). Although this approach may seem efficient as a way to overcome bureaucratic obstacles, it ultimately leads to failures in the end results. In Figure 1, the Execution is represented as a pyramid. This represents the bottom up approach used to developed most DIDO platforms today and is a reflection of the Agile Model Agile methodology popular on non-Mission Critical Systems.

As cryptocurrencies attempt to become financial instruments and represent actual national currencies, they are essentially positioning themselves as Mission Critical for the nations, their economies and their citizens. Therefore, to be successful, they must be governed properly which implies that each Role (i.e., cell) within the combined Governing and Cognitive models (See Figure 1) need to have an Actor (i.e. be completed).

Figure 1: The current state of DIDO Governance

This is not unusual when a new disruptive product or service comes along, it is to be expected. However, in order to mature to the next level and gain wider acceptance, the product or service needs to mature its governance. The Combined Governing and Cognitive Model described and depicted in Section 4.1.3 offers a good framework for a checklist of what is done and what needs to be done.

The relationship between the Roles (i.e., cells) in a many-to-many relationship that is not only bidirectional in up and down the cognitive layers but also between the governance aspects.

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