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A DIDO, by definition, is a collection of networked nodes. Traditionally, the network is assumed to be Ethernet with nodes connected over Local Area Network (LAN) and/or a Wide Area Network (WAN) using a Network Device.

The connections can either be:

Note: for Private, permissioned DIDOs, there may be explicit bans on wireless or even USB connections.

However, there is a lot of growth and development using other wireless connections other than Ethernet or USB. For example:

Consequently, it is important to identify the kinds of connections that are required to support the DIDO. Some examples are:

  • Many contactless payments systems use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and NFC
  • Many supply chains use RFID
  • Many smart home efforts use WiFi and zigbee
  • Many automobiles use Bluetooth to connect phones, make queries, play music, etc.
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