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dido:public:ra:1.4_req:1_func:platform:os_arch Operating System Platform

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On every Network Node in the Node Network is built using an Operating System (OS) Platform, therefore, and each instance of the Distributed Application (ĐApp or DApp) distributed throughout the Node Network must be created specifically for the operating system running on that node. Each build of the Dapp requires work, not just in the process of building the software, but also in terms of maintenance and support. Diversity in the number of OSs supported can drastically increase the cost of of the Dapp throughout the System Lifecycle of the Dapp. It also brings more problems when an OS is considered deprecated and is at End-of-life (EoL).

As a consequence, each Dapp must determine the Operating systems it will support: too few and it may adversely effect adoption, too many and the cost of maintenance may make the Dapp too costly to maintain.

One way to limit the number of operating systems is to select operating systems that are tailored to the specific environment. For example, what are the target environments for the Dapp:

  • Embedded Processors?
  • Mobile devices such as tablets and phones?
  • Network devices such as Network Storage Devices (NDS) or Storage Area Networks?
  • Enterprise Servers?
  • Desktops?
  • Workstations?

The following table lists most of the common OSs and the environments they support. It can be used to help provide a functional list of OSs required for the project.

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